21 Gaming Sequels We’d Like to See For Next Gen

Ya know, we sure would like to see these games head into development...

Have you ever released a sigh of anguish and disgust after a sequel to your favorite game wasn’t announced at E3? I know I have.  We all did here at Den of Geek after this year’s E3.  I was nearly 90.54% certain that EA would announce a next gen installment in the Skate franchise, and another Banjo Kazooie, neither of which happened.  So, after crying myself to sleep (didn’t really) and randomly searching the internet for news on some of these games (I did), I was still unsatisfied with just how many of my favorite games had known sequels in the works.  Which brings us to this list, from a discussion between myself, Joe Jasko and John Saavedra, about what games are missing from the next gen line-up.  Here are 21 video game sequels we would like to see in the works for Xbox One, PS4 and/or PC.

Just Cause 3

I don’t think I’ve ever been so completely and hopelessly engrossed by a video game as I was with Just Cause 2, which I easily spent over a hundred hours one summer trying to reach that coveted 100%. It got so bad sometimes, that I’d be passing by radio towers on the road in real life and imagine myself blowing them up like I did in the game. After playing this series, every other sandbox game just seemed to pale in comparison, as I didn’t have that totally sweet grappling hook and parachute combo to get me moving from Point A to Point B in the blink of an eye. Considering that the game world of Just Cause 2 was one of the largest ever created in a video game, I can’t even imagine the kind of incredible scope and massive amount of awesomeness that could be possible with a next-gen Just Cause.

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Dark Sector 2

I’ll always say that Dark Sector was one of the most criminally underrated games of this entire generation. It got a lot of flak from reviewers for ripping off the third-person control scheme from games like Resident Evil 4 and Gears of War, but, I mean, your main weapon in the game was basically this razor-sharp boomerang which you could use to decapitate enemies at a distance, so how could you NOT think it was anything but great? You could even throw your death-o-rang into fire and electricity for a more environmental (and explosive) effect. I’ve been dying for a sequel to Dark Sector for so many years, because I feel like the developers had barely scratched the surface with what could be possible with this smooth and quite gruesome idea.

Maximo 3

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Does anyone out there remember the forgotten PS2 game Maximo: Ghosts to Glory, and its 2003 sequel Maximo: Army of Zin? The games were a loose 3D reinterpretation of Capcom’s classic Ghosts’n Goblins universe, and they were probably some of the most impossibly hard and rage-inducing games I’ve ever played. But that’s not to say that Maximo was nothing short of amazing, because it so, SO was. Trekking through graveyards and smacking skeletons into little piles of clattering bones just never seemed to get old with this game. Plus, there were always those heart polka-dotted boxers you’d wear if you took a hit and lost your armor. The first game was re-released on the PSN for PlayStation 3 in 2011, so maybe there’s still a little flicker of hope for a revival?


I’ll try my best to contain my excitement when writing about this one, but I’m not making any promises here. Fans of the classic Nintendo 64 platform-adventure series from Rare have been clamoring for a proper sequel to 2000’s Banjo-Tooie since, well, the year 2000. What they got instead was a big slap in the face with the weird vehicle-based Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts released for the Xbox 360 in 2008, but I still refuse to give up hope that we’ll see the iconic bear and bird duo return for one last colorful adventure: and that this time, it will actually be an adventure that people will want to play. At least now that Rare’s obligatory Kinect Sports title for Xbox One is almost out of the way, maybe they’ll start developing something good again.

Mother 4 / Earthbound 2

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Ask anyone who’s ever played it, and they’ll be sure to tell you that Earthbound on the Super Nintendo is one of the best games ever created. The game’s long-awaited sequel, Mother 3 (the series is known as “Mother” overseas), was released as a Japanese exclusive on the Gameboy Advance in 2006, and was perhaps even better. There is very little out there in the games industry that can match the heart and emotion of this little cult series, and the fact that a full 3D sequel on the Nintendo 64 was ultimately cancelled years and years ago still stings more than the utterly heartbreaking and devastating ending of Mother 3. Nintendo actually just announced that the original Earthbound would be making its way to the Wii U Virtual Console later on this year, but a new, proper follow-up to this gaming legend would move more consoles than I could even imagine.

Burnout Paradise 2

Burnout Paradise was a masterfully crafted racing game for the next generation (at the time).  Now we are entering a new generation of games with the Xbox One and PS4, and there is no Burnout Paradise 2 on the horizon that we know about.  But, that might be a good thing for now; the next generation is littered with racing titles already, such as Driveclub and Forza 5.  So, I wouldn’t want a Burnout Paradise 2 to come out right away, but I would like to be comforted by knowing that there is a new Burnout Paradise in the works.  I’d also like a new city other than the Paradise City we had in the first game.  New environments, new cars, and an even bigger map that has drop-in/drop-out online capability.  Sign me up!

3D Dot Game Heroes 2

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Another one of the most underrated titles in my entire game collection, PlayStation 3 exclusive 3D Dot Game Heroes was a love letter to the original Legend of Zelda on the NES, with countless tongue-in-cheek references to the history of top-down adventure games. The only thing better than the game’s extremely addictive gameplay, is the stunningly gorgeous visuals, which somehow manage to combines elements of retro graphics and slick 3D tones in an absolutely shining presentation that never fails to impress. Simply put, we really NEED to have more of this one. The game was also published by From Software, the white-knuckled developer behind the Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls franchise, just in case you were wondering if the difficulty level could stand up to the challenging retro titles that 3D Dot Game Heroes tries to emulate.

Super Mario Sunshine 2

Hands down, Super Mario Sunshine on the GameCube is my favorite 3D Mario adventure, and I’d probably even go as far to say it’s one of the best Mario games of all time. The game dared to do something different, with a unique water-spraying and hovering mechanic, and it even had a more somber, and dare I say DARKER, tone for the story, at least for a Mario game. Combined with a beautiful and open island resort setting, not to mention a brisk and challenging difficulty, this one was truly unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and really unlike anything we’ve ever seen since. And hey, if Nintendo can give us a Super Mario Galaxy 2, then I don’t see why a Super Mario Sunshine 2 should be so far off!

Manhunt 3

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I think the ruthless, murderous, and unsettlingly violent titles in the Manhunt series are some of Rockstar’s most underappreciated games to date. Manhunt 2 suffered from its initial “Adults Only” certification, and then there was the weird Wii release of the game, which prompted those hilarious YouTube videos of families having fun on their Wii, cleverly spliced together with the most gruesome scenes that Manhunt 2’s gameplay footage had to offer. But given how games these days just seem to be getting more and more violent, and more and more realistic in their representations of this violence, I think a next-gen return of Manhunt could definitely be in the cards. The first two games were well ahead of their time, and knowing how Rockstar likes to let a few years pass between subsequent releases in a big franchise, I would certainly be interested to see how they could expand this gritty idea down the road.

Alan Wake 2

Even to this day, Alan Wake remains one of the best Xbox 360 exclusive releases that money can buy. There was just something so enthralling about the shadowy outdoor game world, and the unique function of your flashlight in battles with those menacing shadow people. And even though we got the bonus spin-off game in Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, I think it’s about time that Alan Wake 2, or a “season two” of the series, rather, should start to make an appearance: if anything, just to clear up that horribly confusing and convoluted ending of the first game. But I guess I’ll let Remedy slide on this one for now, because their current work on the Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break looks MORE than amazing. But after that one’s done, I’d love to see what’s in store for their melodramatic writer on the next generation.

Folklore 2

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Folklore was the very first game I ever bought alongside my PlayStation 3, so I guess I’ll always have a soft spot for the atmospheric and whimsical storybook adventure. What made the original Folklore so great is that it had a very prominent, Pokémon “gotta catch ‘em all” style of gameplay, where you could gather and collect all sorts of mystical creatures, and use them as actual attacks in the real-time battle stages. Everything about the presentation was just so incredibly dark and moody, and the graphics and soundtrack did wonders to transport gamers to a completely different world. I don’t know if we’ll ever see a sequel to the short-lived Folklore franchise, since most of the game’s developers have since moved on to join Tango Gameworks, but I guess a boy can still dream.

Brute Force 2

No, it doesn’t make any sense that Microsoft didn’t make a sequel to Brute Force. Originally, the company had big plans for the new IP, hoping that it would become a gaming phenomenon like its flagship game, Halo: Combat Evolved. When Brute Force failed to meet the mark, in part because it WASN’T Halo, Microsoft abandoned what could’ve been a very good scifi franchise. This game was an example of giving players more of what they wanted. In the early Xbox days, Halomania was in full swing and gamers were flocking to the console shooters. Suddenly, everyone wanted to blow some alien/zombie heads off. So Brute Force gave gamers their next fix of aliens and zombies, but what it amounted to was a small little appetizer that no one wants to order because they’re too focused on getting their entree. If they were to make a Brute Force 2 that fixed some of the original’s problems (weird gameplay mechanics that involved using the black and white buttons – the most useless buttons in all of gaming history next to the Gamecube’s C-stick), this sequel would inevitably be the dessert that gamers are looking for.

Fahrenheit 2 (Indigo Prophecy 2)

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Of course, the chances are very low because Quantic Dream is about the next big idea. Quantic is always looking for new ways to build games and tell stories. What’s also very obvious is that this studio likes to move from genre to genre. Lately, they’ve been doing the noir and scifi thing; and if the Dark Sorcerer tech demo is any indication, they might be moving to fantasy. Perhaps Quantic’s supernatural horror days are over, but how great would it be to return to the world of cults and claustrophobic detectives? The original Fahrenheit paved the way for this studio. How about you return the favor, Quantic, and give Fahrenheit another outing?

Remember Me 2

The original, which came out last month, didn’t exactly deliver on all its promises. What should’ve been the next great scifi epic (that didn’t involve aliens or space cruisers) turned out to be a bit of a mess in terms of repetitive gameplay and not enough memory remixing (by far, the best mechanic in the game). But I could see Remember Me 2 brushing past mistakes off and reaching the original concept’s full potential. After all, every Assassin’s Creed 2 needed an Assassin’s Creed, another game that was in danger of boring its players to death after the 4385098543rd trip to Jerusalem on horseback.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3

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A cliffhanger, it was. The Jedi Exile defeats the trifling Sith Lord Darth Traya and flies off into space to find the ancient Sith Empire at the edges of known space…After the original KOTOR, BioWare decided to move on to other projects (including Jade Empire and the very early development of Mass Effect) and handed off the series to Obsidian Entertainment. This developer apparently botched the sequel so bad that a KOTOR 3 was never even announced, never even had a chance at development hell. I don’t know, guys, I liked KOTOR 2, a sequel that wanted to be darker and more violent than past Star Wars games. All the Sith Lords in this game looked evil enough to eat Ewoks raw. Also, “The Fall of Darth Traya” is one of the most powerful cutscenes of all time. Hopefully, BioWare will take command again and give us what we want now that EA owns all Star Wars games.

Left 4 Dead 3

Why not? Valve took everything that’s ever been good about the zombie genre and put it into one game. It wasn’t about the narrative or the scares. It wasn’t about social commentary. Instead, Valve wanted to create a game that would bring people together for hours upon hours of zombie thrashing. Left 4 Dead was a huge success and won several game of the year awards. The sequel was pretty baller, too, adding melee weapons to the fight. Does Valve have nothing else to add to the zombie genre? Yeah, that’s kind of a challenge. I’m tired of waiting for the same helicopter to rescue me from that damn hospital roof while zombe Hulk tries to turn me into blood pudding.

Half-Life 3

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Dude, how much longer do we have to wait?! If not Half-Life 2: Episode 3, then give us a brand-new installment. The king of scifi can’t go out in a pathetic whimper, in silence, doomed to be forgotten in a less-than-ideal future. I’m sorry I’m being so dramatic, but it hurts me every year I go without City 17 and Alyx Vance. I even bought Gordon Freeman-style glasses to prepare. At least tell me what’s up with the G-Man, a creep if I ever done seen one.

A new Dead Space

This is a no-brainer. You can’t let the best survival horror game of the past decade just rot. The game plan is this: Visceral should take some time off from survival horror to work on their top secret Star Wars game (really hope it’s Jedi Knight 4). Then once they make a super awesome Destroy All Ewoks game, they should starting thinking about how to revitalize their greatest, most messed up baby. Dead Space made survival horror really cool again. Resident Evil had all but abandoned horror by that point and was more focused on explosions. Visceral took advantage and thought of new ways to scare the crap out of people. If they can find a way to erase Dead Space 3 from memory, I think the series will be in good shape again.

A new Metroid

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NOT Other M. I don’t need to even see Samus out of her suit. Take me back to the Prime days. We want to crash land on strange new planets and learn about the alien species that populate them. We want the eerie silence of a bounty hunter suit as we explore environments that are as dangerous as our enemies.

Jedi Knight 4

If Visceral is making this, I’ll start doing backflips down the street until I get to the nearest Gamestop to pre-order. Kyle Katarn is one of the greatest Star Wars characters of all time and it stinks that he was pushed to a secondary character in the last installment of the series. Kyle’s struggle with the Force in Jedi Knight 2 was not only heart-wrenching, but also a philosophical journey that begged the question: How much power should one man have? I want more of that and soon. Get on it, Visceral!

Red Dead 3

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Okay, so Rockstar is pretty much the best and Grand Theft Auto V might snatch several game of the year awards away from #1 contender The Last of Us. My point is that I know these guys are busy, although they have several studios around the world. I just want them to sit down at some point and start thinking about making a new Red Dead game. I’ll even take more zombies in bonnets.


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