10 franchises that should be Lego computer games

There's been Lego Star Wars, Lego Harry Potter, and Lego Indiana Jones - so here are ten suggestions for more worthy Lego contenders

Lego Star Wars

By now, Lego Star Wars developers Travellers’ Tales have got the Lego video game format down pat; take a favourite geek franchise with plenty of broad, nostalgic appeal, add some simple puzzles and plenty of Lego, and voila – a surefire hit. We’ve already had the phenomenally successful Star Wars and Indiana Jones, and they’ll be joined by Batman in September. Of course, there are plenty of other movie franchises that could benefit from a plastic brick reboot. Here are a few of my suggestions – some far more viable than others…

Starship TroopersPaul Verhoeven’s giant bug blasting epic would be perfect Lego game material – let’s face it, the performances of the two leads (Casper Van Dien and Denise Richards) were rather plasticky in the first place. The colossal insects would also look great in Lego mode.

The A-Team The 80s TV show is currently being remade into a Hollywood motion picture (without Mr. T, unfortunately), so why not make a Lego tie-in to go with it? There’s plenty of scope for vehicle creation in classic A-Team style, with prison beds mysteriously transformed into a fully armed tank within minutes.

The Thing I’d love to see John Carpenter’s masterpiece of icy tension and wildly imaginative gore rendered into shiny plastic. Imagine a Lego head sprouting legs and walking around while a bobble-headed Macready tries to toast it with his flamethrower…

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Bladerunner The sight of Bladerunner‘s 2019 LA recreated in bricks would certainly be an arresting one, and the thought of controlling a little grumpy-faced Harrison Ford has already captured my imagination. The game could boil down to a hunt-the-replicant run and gun affair, with a Lego version of Rutger Hauer as the final adversary.

The Poseidon AdventureI think the world’s ready for a survival horror Lego game set on a capsized ocean liner. It’d have to be based on the 1972 Gene Hackman version though, not the decidedly soggy 2006 iteration.

Robocop A version of Paul Verhoeven’s 1986 classic using Danish bricks has enormous potential – a tiny plastic Robocop pitted against the might of a hulking Lego ED-209? I’d buy that for a dollar.

Die Hard This movie franchise offers plenty of scope for lots of claustrophobic duct exploration, makeshift bomb making and European bad guy blasting.

Predator The world’s most famous dreadlocked xenomorph would make a perfect Lego adversary for a plastic, yellow Arnold Schwarzenegger.

RamboStallone’s increasingly violent franchise already has a bodycount comparable to the most gun crazy video games, so maybe a Lego version could take the edge off the series’ grizzlier moments. A Lego Sly (complete with red headband) would look good too, as he effortlessly destroys Russian helicopters with his bow and arrow.

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Aliens I’m certain that a Lego version of HR Giger’s finest creation would sell by the bucketload, and the wealth of spaceships, big guns and other assorted machinery lurking in James Cameron’s film would look fantastic too – imagine the iconic Power Loader remade with little yellow bricks. Get away from her you bitch!

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