WWE Unleashes “Lost Footage” of Southpaw Regional Wrestling

30 years ago, pro wrestling territory SRW fell to bankruptcy. We now have unearthed footage of their final days. You need to see this.

WWE and humor can be a mixed bag at times. For every hilarious high, there’s like three terrible lows. Especially if Vince McMahon himself is writing it because then you get stuff like Katie Vick and the Old Day. The real goldmine of WWE humor is usually found online. Miz and John Morrison killed it with the Dirt Sheet, Zack Ryder got over via his Z! True Long Island Story, the JBL and Cole Show was just an exercise of Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes being silly, and the New Day even once did a backstage promo that stretched for 17 minutes of nonsense.

But man, those guys outdid themselves this weekend with Southpaw Regional Wrestling.

Thanks to the rise of WWF, the late-80s saw the death of all the various regional promotions. Places like AWA and WCCW fell to pieces. This includes the ill-fated Southpaw Regional Wrestling, a forgotten territory that presumably featured exciting action. Or any action. I don’t know, we never get to see any matches take place.

In this “lost footage” VHS tape split into four parts, we see the lead-up to SRW’s biggest show of the year. It’s hosted by Lance Catamaran (who looks suspiciously like John Cena), who is accompanied by the depressed and alcoholic Chet Chetterfield (somewhat resembling Fandango). Lance makes attempts to hype up the upcoming Lethal Leap Year while occasionally realizing that this is what his life’s come to in repeated bouts of disgust. They’re also helped out by Clint Bobski, an interviewer with a passing resemblance to one Chris Jericho.

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Through these four episodes, we see all sorts of classic in-ring warriors from 1987. Some of which look an awful lot like Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Heath Slater, Tyler Breeze, TJ Perkins, Rusev, Lana, Luke Harper, and the Ascension. Plus there’s a Ric Flair “impersonator” there to advertise a meet-up with the SRW stars at the local KFC. You know, the one near the high school.

Give it a watch and enjoy the ride. It has a wonderful payoff.

Well, that was certainly better than the WWE/Jetsons crossover.

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