Watch the Trailer for Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 3 here.

We make predictions about who will appear in the next installment of Sailor Moon Crystal! Watch the trailer for episode 3 here.

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer

So, in two weeks we’ll be watching “Act 3 – Rei/Sailor Mars,” which I suspected. We’ll have the introduction of Rei, and the infamous story of the Demon Bus of Sendai Hill that will lead to Rei’s trial by fire (yes, I did) as Sailor Mars.

From the two episodes we’ve seen so far, it seems evident that Crystal is going to stick to the manga’s debut queue, which means that it’s very possible that in two weeks we’ll get the masquerade ball, and then two more after that we’ll have the arrival of Makoto AKA Sailor Jupiter. But what about the generals?

We can see from the preview that Zoisite will appear in Act 3, and if we’re following the manga as closely as it appears, Nephrite will as well. Works for me. I just hope the generals each have a little more staying power than they did in the manga, because otherwise, Jadeite will be a crispy critter by the end of the next episode, and the others won’t be far behind.

And while it has been suggested that Crystal won’t be limited to the Dark Kingdom arc, it doesn’t seem likely to me. If we’re going one-for-one with the manga, I suppose 26 episodes could cover the Black Moon arc, but it would seem kind of arbitrary to pick those two arcs to animate if there’s no promise of a second series to cover Infinity and Dream. It seems to me far more likely to treat Dark Kingdom as a stand-alone in case, due to some kind of bizarre cosmic dissonance, Crystal is unsuccessful. That being the case, let’s assume all 26 episodes in the order are going to cover the story of Beryl and the generals. This would mean that there will be some inevitable padding. The question is… where?

The most likely scenario would be that they would intro all the Sailor Senshi as early as possible to get the full team together and then start telescoping from there. If this is the case, and the generals are also killed more or less on schedule, then the obvious choice would be to incorporate more Silver Millennium material and mythology, which had already been suggested by the flashes we’ve seen so far. So far, Crystal had paid far more up-front attention to the ancient backstory than any other entry in the franchise, so… who knows? It would also allow for a lot more of the generals, even if they are killed in step with the manga. And wouldn’t that be nice?

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