Watch: The Perfect Cosplay Couple

One cosplay couple had a perfect proposal in costume. They walk us through their costumed comic con routine!

By day they pound the pavement as a graphic designer and administrative coordinator, but by night, weekend, and even some Thursdays, they are the Dynamic Cosplay Duo, Ruby and Jennifer Rose Rinekso.

The Rineksos have been in the cosplay scene for over 10 years sporting costumes ranging from 1960’s Batman and Batgirl (their signature outfit), to a giant 7.5 feet tall Chewbacca and Princess Leia to Gorilla Grodd and Jem and the Holograms (ok that last one doesn’t match but they don’t always dress together either).

Why cosplay? “Because it’s fun,” says Ruby. “It’s also a community of amazing people we get to meet while doing it,” adds Jen. Most people cosplay to express their fandom for their heroes; Jen and Ruby make it their hobby and a way to socially interact with people as well. Both build their costumes from the ground up, both get asked to attend cons, shows, and events as characters and now both even get asked to judge cosplay contests at certain cons.

When we came to visit them, they were packing for Saratoga Comic Con where Ruby would be judging a contest and Jen would be selling her merchandise which she also sells on Etsy. Their home is packed with memorabilia and professional photos of them in cosplay. They also took us through their packing routine and how they determine what they will be dressing as and why. I even got to try on Ruby’s Dark Knight Batman helmet and test out his voice microphone for it (that was fun).

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Check out our video with them and learn more about Ruby and Jen below!

This Is the Perfect Cosplay Couple by denofgeek

Ruby Rinekso

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Jennifer Rose Rinekso

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