Uwe Boll auctions off roles in Far Cry

Dr Boll's next video game adaptation will be Far Cry, but apparently there aren't enough actors who want to be in it - because a role is up for grabs on eBay...

Uwe Boll

Entirely fairly, since I’m the girl who flew across the Atlantic to be in Uwe Boll’s Postal, I’ve been inundated with messages from friends alerting me to this story today. Seems an item’s popped up on eBay: a role in Far Cry.

The eBay listing is in German, so I plugged it into Babelfish (as you do) and got this:

Become statist with a large-scale film project In co-operation with the BOLL corporation we offer the unique opportunity the turning work to that about 40 million US dollar expensive motion picture film to you FAR CRY in Vancouver (Canada) to accompany. They cannot only see with your own eyes like a large motion picture film are made, but also many well-known actors to meet and in addition also still as a statist participate!

The following achievements are contained in the requirement price:

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– access authorization for a person to the film set to maximally five turning days (in the period: 01.07. – 15.07.2007)- employment as a statist on 1-5 turning days, depending upon available role- the food supply at the set is free for you!- entrance to crew parties, Filmstudios, meeting with actors or crew- Namentliche denomination in remove the film (Credit)- transmission of the data to IMDB


– the journey after Vancouver, the accommodation and the transfer are not included in the requirement price. When desired we can give you however Tipps for a favorable flight and hotel. Besides a riding along opportunity can be organized when desired to the film set.- mental or physically obstructed humans cannot participate unfortunately in the auction. The film set is not obstruct fair.

The price applies per person!

Right. So, basically, they want someone to go out to Vancouver and be an extra, but they don’t want to pay for extras. I’m not entirely sure this is above board (don’t they have unions for this sort of thing?).

Here’s the link, if you want to check it out yourself.

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