Unmasking A Killer Series to Track the Golden State Killer

HLN renews the search for the original Night Stalker after FBI announces $50,000 reward.

The original Night Stalker was California’s most prolific uncaught serial killer and rapist who committed 50 rapes in Northern California during the mid-1970s and murdered twelve people in Southern California from 1979 through 1986. HLN will intensify the manhunt with a new true crime original five-part docuseries, Unmasking A Killer.

Investigators have been searching for the Golden State Killer for forty years. Recent evidence suggests he may still be alive. This promoted the FBI’s Sacramento office to announce a national campaign and $50,000 reward to identify the perpetrator in in 2016. The bounty made the investigation hotter than ever, and HLN wants to collect. The series is produced by Joke Productions, which was co-founded by wife-and-husband team Joke Fincioen and Biagio Messina.

Unmasking A Killer “is unique in that it presents a call to action. The goal has always been for this series to shake loose new tips that will bring the Golden State Killer to justice. HLN offers us the best platform to do so,”  Joke Fincioen of Joke Productions said in a statement.

Unmasking A Killer will play out through five one-hour episodes. It will delve into the manhunt, but also the “patterns, escape methods and mind games of the Golden State Killer,” according to the official statement. The series hopes to uncover links to another series of unsolved crimes.

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The series will feature interviews with investigators, law enforcement and victims who have never spoken out publicly. The hope the information will help solve the mystery of a man who has managed to fly successfully under the radar for decades.

Unmasking A Killer Episodes:

Launching the Manhunt for The Golden State Killer

This is the terrifying true story of one of the nation’s most prolific uncaught serial killers. Known first as the East Area Rapist, then the Original Night Stalker, and now the Golden State Killer, he’s responsible for a staggering 51 attacks and 12 murders … that we know of. For forty years investigators have been on the manhunt for this sadistic criminal and recent evidence suggests he may still be alive. With the FBI offering a $50,000 reward, the investigation is hotter than ever. (Airdate: March 18)

The Pattern of a Killer 

How does one get away with 51 attacks and 12 murders while assaulting inside people’s very own homes? Delve into the creepy, sadistic methods of one of the worst serial killers of all time – the Golden State Killer. Find out his signature calling card and discover how law enforcement was able to link his crimes long before DNA. Don’t be afraid to be terrified. (Airdate: March 25)

How the Killer Got Away

The true story of how one serial killer wreaked havoc in California and changed our nation’s laws as we know them. Everything from rape crisis centers, to 911 emergency services and DNA collection laws were influenced by this one criminal – the Golden State Killer. Yet, for forty years this perverse predator has evaded capture … but perhaps not for long.  In 2016 law enforcement and the FBI launched a massive nationwide manhunt and are hot on the trail.  (Airdate: April 1)

Inside the Killer’s Mind 

When dealing with a serial rapist and killer (51 attacks and 12 murders), it’s not only the crime scenes that are revealing, it’s also the serial behaviors that offer clues of the offender’s identity. Criminal psychologists show us the hidden meaning behind the Golden State Killer’s crimes and reveal what this tells us about him. Delve into the mind of a psychopathic killer as we analyze his motives, his personality, his upbringing, and most importantly, what he might be doing today. Could you know the Golden State Killer? (Airdate: April 8)

Is the Killer Still Out There?

With 51 attacks and 12 murders, the Golden State Killer is one of the most prolific uncaught serial killers in U.S. History … but who is he? Join us as investigators analyze the evidence and explore the various theories as to who this ruthless barbarian could be. What job could have afforded him the time for these heinous crimes?  Where could he have lived?  And how, for forty years, has he managed to fly so successfully under the radar?  Now investigators believe the key to catching the Golden State Killer may lie in another series of unsolved crime. (Airdate: April 15)

Unmasking A Killer premieres on HLN on Sunday, March 18 at 9 p.m. ET.  The series will be available the day after each episode airs on HLN On Demand.