Things to come: the sci-fi timeline from now

Having checked out sci-fi's predictions to date, we take a look at the cosmic calendar ahead…

Rhona Mitra wearing a slinky little number from 2035.

On Tuesday we took a look at what sci-fi cinema had predicted -usually wrongly- about dates that are now past. From hereon in, who knows…?

2010 – Peter Hyams’ justly derided sequel finds an uncommonly hot-headed Hayward Floyd (Roy Scheider) heading off with Soviet (oops) cosmonaut Helen Mirren & Co. to investigate the fate of the Odyssey. (2010,1985, Peter Hyams)

2011 – A virus kills 99% of the world’s population (Aeon Flux, Karyn Kusama, 2005)

2012 – A virus turns 99.9% of the world’s population into vampires. We never get to see if the Batman Vs. Superman film was any good. (I am Legend, Francis Lawrence, 2007)2013 – Snake Plissken relives old times in a rescue mission to the now geographically-isolated Los Angeles of the post-earthquake era. This time he’s got to bag – or kill – the prez’s Patty Hearst-like daughter. (Escape From LA, John Carpenter, 1997)

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2015 – Marty McFly, “Doc” Brown, and Jennifer Parker arrive in 2015. And instantly dump the love-interest because now they have to make it all actually work as a plot. (Back To The Future Part II, Robert Zemeckis, 1990)

2019 – Future cop Arnold Schwarzenegger gets into hot water with his fascist police bosses by refusing to fire on unarmed citizens during a riot, and is forced to run the gauntlet with some refugees from Gladiators/WWF. (The Running Man, Paul Michael Glaser, 1987)

2022 – The Seaquest DSV is abducted from Earth whilst on a bunch of missions so unlikely that they make Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea look like Jacque Cousteau documentaries  (Seaquest DSV, US TV, 1995).

2022 – Corrupt city cop Chuck Heston finds out he isn’t quite the vegetarian he thought he was in this tale of a dystopian future where you are, indeed, what you eat (Soylent Green, Richard Fleischer, 1973)

2025 – The reunification of Ireland occurs, and no doubt the Soviet leader sends a congratulatory telegram from the orbiting Ruskie war station (Star Trek)

2026 – A society riven between castes of ‘planners’ and ‘thinkers’ is about to undergo a revolution set off by the beautiful revolutionary Maria (Brigitte Helm)… (Metropolis, Fritz Land, 1927)

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2027 – Theo Faron (Clive Owen) escorts to safety the only pregnant woman in an infertile world. (Children Of Men, Alfonso Cuarón, 2005)

2027 – In a world where androids have feelings but no rights, a detective hunts down three that have escaped their enslavement. (Blade Runner, Ridley Scott, 1982)

2029 – The war between man and machines comes to a victorious head for humanity (Terminator)

2031 – Scientists desperate to solve the side-effects of their ‘ultimate weapon’ find themselves transported to the era and location of Victor Frankenstein and his bizarre experiments in 1817 (Frankenstein Unbound, Roger Corman, 1990)

2035 – In a society dependent on cybernetic slaves, Will Smith buys some lovely antique shoes that happen to be from our time and talks about them for two hours. (I Robot, Jeff Vintar, 2004)

2035 – Rhona Mitra (she’s not Kate Beckinsale, if there was any confusion) invades plague-struck Scotland and finds herself walking through the sets and scenarios of Excalibur, Mad Max 2 and many other far better films. (Doomsday, Neil Marshall, 2008)

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2063 – The first warp drive in the Star Trek universe is launched by Zefram Cochrane, a hobbyist who has apparently assembled it from milk-bottle tops (Star Trek: First Contact, Jonathan Frakes, 1996)

2070 – Patrick Troughton’s Doctor investigates a mysterious virus on a lunar-based weather-control station (Doctor Who, ‘ The Moonbase’, 1968)

2087 – Someone from the future travels back in time to prevent events that will have dire consequences in his time, but there is a cyborg on his tail. Hmmm… (Cyborg 2087, Franklin Adreon, 1966)

2122 – The USCSS Nostromo makes a fateful pit stop on unsurveyed planet LV-426. (Alien, Ridley Scott, 1979)

2130 – Time traveller from the future Peter Firth seeks out his ancestral roots in 1981, and is shaken by the society he finds. (The Flipside of Dominick Hide, UKTV, 1981)

2145 – Out go the lights on a haunted Martian research station, leaving a soldier to cope with the hordes of undead that have been released in a badly-judged science-experiment. (Doom, Andrzej Bartkowiak, 2005)

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2150 – Bernard Cribbins goes for a bit of a cavort with the humans that the Daleks have enslaved in a future that finds London a burnt out shell of itself under the new tinpot dictatorship. (Daleks – Invasion Earth 2150 AD,  Gordon Flemyng, 1966)

2156 – The Earth-Romulan war breaks out. (Star Trek)

2157 – The ‘Foundationism’ religion started (Babylon 5)

2158 – The Central Bureaucracy is established. (Futurama)

2173 –  Dying health-nut Woody Allen finds love, a dependency on aluminium spheres and a sex-cubicle called an ‘Orgasmatron’ when his frozen body is thawed out and cured in the future (Sleeper, Woody Allen, 1973)

2179 – July 7th, 9am – the drop ship descends from the Sulaco for its rescue mission on LV-426 (Aliens, James Cameron, 1986)

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2205 – The death – hours shy of his 200th birthday – of revolutionary cyborg Andrew Martin (Robin Williams). (Bicentennial Man, Chris Columbus , 1999)

2355 – Annika Hansen assimilated by the Borg into catwalk cyberstar 7 of 9. (Star Trek: Voyager)

2371 – Kirk bites the dust on Veridian III in one of sci-fi’s crappiest death scenes. (Star Trek: Generations, David Carson, 1994)

2381 – The aliens that are being experimented on break free by killing one of their own and escaping through the acid-etched egress formed by their victim’s blood. Oh noes! (Alien Resurrection, Jean Pierre Jeunet, 1997)

2381 – United Planets Cruiser C-57D lands on Altair IV to check out how the colonists are getting on and find nearly all of them dead. (Forbidden Planet , Fred M. Wilcox, 1956)

2491 – Buck Rogers unthawed and finds that the advent of the disco phenomenon has survived 500 years. (Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, USTV, 1979).

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2688 – Rufus, high Priest of the future’s Wyld Stallions cult travels back in time to ensure that the founders of the religion make it all the way to the big time (Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Stephen Herek, 1989)

3955 – A second set of time-warping astronauts lands on future Earth wondering what happened to Chuck Heston, and find a bizarre group of bomb-worshipping nutters ready to pull the plug on mankind. (Beneath The Planet Of The Apes, Ted Post, 1970)


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