The Crew 2 Release Date, Trailer, and News

Everything we know about The Crew 2, including latest news, release date, trailers, and much more!

When Ubisoft announced that they were going to release a sequel to the 2014 online racing title The Crew, the reaction was…tepid. The Crew was an interesting game, but it was also a highly flawed experience that didn’t really take advantage of its most intriguing concepts. 

So how will the studio fix The Crew‘s biggest flaws? Well, if the first trailer for the game is any indication, then they apparently plan to do it by just reinventing the game’s wheel. 

At this early stage, it appears that the biggest addition to The Crew‘s world are boats, bikes, and planes. The Crew 2 will allow you to hop behind the wheel of a far greater variety of vehicles while you explore the game’s vast open-world setting (which appears to largely take place in America). While the transition from vehicle type to vehicle type is presented fairly smoothly in the gameplay trailer, we’re guessing that these races will be separated into various missions during the game itself. That being said, there’s always the possibility for a sort of “Triathlon” experience that allows you to use multiple vehicle types in a single race. 

Here’s everything we know:

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The Crew 2 Release Date

The Crew 2 is coming on June 29, 2018. The game will arrive for PS4, XBO, and PC. 

The Crew 2 Trailer

Here’s the debut trailer:

That cinematic trailer for the game’s premise hints at The Crew 2‘s expanded scope, but if you really want to appreciate just how much more this game has to offer, you have to check out the first gameplay trailer for The Crew 2