Stephen King’s N. to Become TV Series Titled ‘8’

Stephen King's Lovecraftian novella, N., is coming to the small screen and will be called 8.

You could almost say Stephen King has risen from the dead except that his popularity never died out in the first place. Yet another adaptation has been announced in the Year of King. The author’s novella, “N.,” is set to become a TV series from Gaumont TV. The show won’t be called “N.,” though. Instead, the project will be titled 8.

“N.” is the story of a man who has been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder. But in true King fashion, something way more sinister might be behind the man’s suffering, as he becomes increasingly obsessed with a Stonehendge-like formation of stones in Maine that may or may not be a secret portal to a dimension full of monsters. Soon, his “delusions” begin to affect those he tells of the portal, including his psychiatrist. 

The tale is truly Lovecraftian in nature, but King has said that his main influence was Arthur Machen’s novella “The Great God Pan,” which the author has called “one of the best horror stories ever written.”

David F. Sandberg, who recently helmed Lights Out and Annabelle: Creation, will direct the pilot. Andrew Barrer and Gabe Ferrari, writers of Ant-Man and the Wasp, are penning the script. 

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“N.” has actually been adapted a couple of times already. It first arrived as an animated webseries to promote King’s short story collection Just After Sunset. The story was told through 25 micro-chapters for a minute and a half each. It’s pretty cool. Check it out below:

Most recently, “N.” was adapted into a comic book by Marvel. If you just want to read the novella for yourself, you can find it in Just After Sunset.

No release date has been set for 8.


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