Stan Lee: The Marvel Cinematic Universe Says Farewell to a Legend

Stan Lee has died at the age of 95, and actors and creators from across the Marvel Universe are saying goodbye.

Stan Lee Marvel Universe Tributes

The death of Stan Lee has essentially brought the internet to a halt. The Marvel figurehead and legendary writer/editor co-created dozens of the most recognizable, iconic, and marketable characters of the last 60 years. While Lee was an early adopter of the idea that comic book superheroes could and should thrive in other media, it seems unlikely that even he could have envisioned the kind of runaway success that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has enjoyed over the last decade, taking superheroes (and specifically Marvel superheroes) from a niche genre to one of the most dominant forces in all of pop culture.

With his passing has come a tremendous outpouring of support from the writers, directors, actors, and artists who have brought the creations of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and others to a far larger audience then they ever would have reached had they remained on the comics page.

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And yes, even Marvel’s competition is mourning the passing of Stan Lee.

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