See Neil Gaiman’s Moving Memorial Tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett

Filmed in April of 2016, the BBC has made Neil Gaiman's full speech at Sir Terry Pratchett's memorial service available to see online...

Those of you who’ve read Neil Gaiman’s funny and furious introduction to Sir Terry Pratchett 2014 non-fiction collection A Slip Of The Keyboard will be familiar with these words, spoken at last year’s memorial service for the Discworld author. Seeing them performed by Gaiman, revealing the intimacy, understanding and respect that existed between these two writers, is something else.

The BBC has made available for the first time this speech, which points to the rage and intellect underneath Sir Terry Pratchett’s seemingly affable persona, salutes his intense sense of fairness and identifies, in Gaiman’s words, the foundation of fury that lies underneath his sprightly prose.

RIP Pterry. You are much missed Sir.

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