SDCC 2019: Most Creative Cosplayers at San Diego Comic-Con

In the spirit of creativity, we've joined our friends at Torrey Holistics to find the most innovative cosplayers at SDCC 2019!

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San Diego Comic-Con is perhaps the best occasion in the Northern Hemisphere to pull out all the stops designing a creative cosplay. The geeks who descend upon the city of San Diego are competitive, fierce, and certainly original with their cosplay creations each year. The Den of Geek team set out to find the best cosplay at the convention, every day of the convention, and to learn what inspires cosplayers to bring their costume constructions to ever-increasing new heights. We’ll be updating you with our favorite cosplay designs and stories, each day of the con! Starting with…

Day 1: Loki Cosplay by Sara Trupski

Sara had us floored with this incredibly detailed Lady Loki cosplay! We just had to know her inspiration behind the garb. “I love the mischievous unpredictability of Loki. And I love that Loki is also being portrayed as a strong woman and these two combinations meant that I absolutely had to create this costume, especially for Comic-Con,” Sara told Den of Geek

“It was my first cosplay and it’s back for the 50th anniversary. It took me about two months to make. A lot of recycling, up-cycling pieces, anything that has been donated to thrift shops, or thrown away.” Pointing to her furry shawl, Sara shared, “this was an old Ewok costume that was going to be thrown away and I said, ‘No! No! No! I will take it!’ ⁠— so I am wearing a pelt of an Ewok.”

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Day 2: World of Warcraft Alliance Foot Soldier by @nanob1900 aka Aureliano Becerra

This cosplay had us wowed, if you know what I mean. The custom fitting chainmail was a laborious touch, and we had to know how it was made. “I have a lot of fun making stuff and crafting,” Aureliano shared with us,  “so someone else worked on the leather portion. I did all the chainmail. Chainmail ran me about 130-140 hours. I will probably never make chainmail ever again since it was horrible. But afterwards you’re like ‘Oh my god, it’s beautiful, I made that.’”

Day 3: Steampunk Scooter Cosplay by Terry Harp

This cosplay looked like something straight out of Bioshock Infinite or Mortal Engines, and we loved it! The inspiration? “Our son inspired me,” said Terry Harp. “He was doing steampunk and I was helping him go to the thrift stores and buy parts and pieces and stuff and one day I said, ‘I want to do this too.’ So we went to a steampunk convention. I asked him if he thought he could steampunk my scooter, somewhat and that was six years ago. Six years ago was the first time I came out.”

Day 4: Firefly’s��Kaylee Frye by @sutrodesigns aka Rachel Kern

Rachel Kern’s Firefly cosplay was super detailed and true to the show! Rachel shared, “I basically have reached a point in my adult life where I can make anything I wanted to make when I was 15. I now have the skill set and the equipment so I did it. It’s all by hand. It’s hand sewn. It’s painted lace. It’s about 65 yards of organza for the skirt. It took about 4 months off on on.”

Why Kaylee? “She’s just herself. She’s a mechanic but also loves pretty things, and is not afraid to talk about loving pretty things.”

Share your cosplays!

We’re still rounding up awesome cosplays as we roam the con — so feel free to drop your cosplay photo in the comments below or tag it #SDCCgeek on Twitter or Instagram for a chance to be featured on this page!

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