SDCC 2019: The Absolute Best Cosplays at Comic-Con

We've rounded up our favorite cosplays from San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Want to get featured? Tag #SDCCgeek on Twitter or Instagram!

San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Cosplayers Wonder Woman She-Ra Skeletor

San Diego Comic-Con: four overwhelmingly packed days of pop-culture, entertainment, and all-out geekery. As we wrapped up all our announcements from SDCC 2019, we kept going back to our library of awesome cosplay photos at the convention this year. The attention to detail in some of these cosplays blew our minds, and we had to stop all of the following geeks for a shot! We’ve reviewed our shots with our friends at Torrey Holistics and here are our favorite cosplays from this year’s con:

ALL the cosplays from the Den of Geek x Tor Books Party

Den of Geek x Tor Books Party Cosplays

We’re a bit biased here since we were the hosts of this party, but we absolutely loved the cosplays put out by @wonderwomanisreal, @cupcakesandcosplay, @ghostridermama and more awesome party people!

Silver Sable Cosplay by @genevievemariecosplay

Silver Sable Cosplay at SDCC 2019

Silver Sable always ranks high among favorite Spider-Mancharacters, and @genevievemariecosplay did not disappoint with her thoughtfully handcrafted cosplay!

Hawkgirl & Hawkman Cosplays by @juliajcosplay and @imhawkman

Hawkgirl and Hawkman Cosplays at SDCC 2019

Hawkgirl and Hawkman in the house! Just look at those lovingly made wings! Great job here by @juliajcosplay and @imhawkman.

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Mercy Cosplay by @moon__bunnyyy

Mercy Cosplay at SDCC 2019

(Spams “I need healing!” as Genji) We were truly impressed by the craftmanship of Mercy’s boots and wings here. Overall, @moon__bunnyyy did some quality, medical work at SDCC. 

Night King, Sakura, and Antiope Cosplays by @adakirbee, @mjdoescosplay, and @rilobrooke

Night King, Sakura, and Antiope Cosplays at SDCC 2019

I didn’t realize Game of Thrones‘ final season had a side plot where the Night King was aided by ass-kicking anime assassins! The trio that is @adakirbee, @mjdoescosplay, and @rilobrooke did a wonderful job on these cosplays.

Smitty WerbenJagerManJensen Cosplay by @jro_bot

Smitty WerbenJagerManJensen Cosplay at SDCC 2019

HE WAS NUMBER ONE!!! From the golden age of SpongeBob SquarePants (aka seasons 1-3), @jro_bot did justice by wearing this dead fish’s iconic hat.

Woody, Forky, and Duke Caboom Cosplays by @orangegofish and friends

Woody, Forky, and Duke Caboom Cosplays at SDCC 2019

Clearly, somebody loved Toy Story 4! We loved these true-to-screen renditions of these characters by @orangegofish and their friends.

Link Cosplay at SDCC 2019

That is one badass Link! How amazing is the detailed, classic green tunic? And a thoughtful Hylian Shield to boot! Great work, @thezoodad!

Batman Cosplay by @batshark

Batman Cosplay at SDCC 2019

He is beauty. He is grace. He is THE NIGHT. We were impressed with @batshark‘s epic wingspan, and we’re pretty sure we saw him gliding along the San Diego skyline too.

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Brave’s Merida Cosplay by @labombshellvita

Brave's Merida Cosplay at SDCC 2019

Flawless curls, a handmade dress, and a deadly bow — what’s not to love? Excellent job by @labombshellvita!

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