Sarah’s Mum on Spider-Man 3

This is a real, legitimate e-mail, from Sarah's Mum, to Sarah, posted entirely without asking permission first

Spider-Man 3

My mother went to see Spider-Man 3 last night, and she e-mailed me her thoughts on it this morning. If anyone thinks I’m angry and ranty about films, well… this might help explain where I get it from:

I was soooooooo fascinated by MJ’s hair length – it kept growing by at least 6 inches.

And Peter would cry then his face was all dry with no tear tracks

and he had his mask taken off then he had a half ripped one

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and the love story line just made me want to bang their heads together

and what is it with american girls that they would look admiringly at a prat poncing down the street

andandandand at least over by 10 pm (only good thing)

oh and i felt like screaming ‘will you keep the damn camera still – you’re making me feel sick and i can’t see what’s going on’

Fair points, really.