Sailor Moon Moonlight Party 2 Coming November 21st

Join in on a Celebration of Sailor Moon Reborn as Viz Media shows off five new episodes and a whole lot more!

Sailor Moon 2014

Building on the success and positive fan feedback following the first Moonlight Party held in September, Moonlight Party 2: A Celebration of SAILOR MOON Reborn! will take place on Friday, November 21st beginning at 7:00pm (PST). Fans can join in on the festivities by streaming the event on VIZ Media’s YouTube channel while simultaneously logging onto Hulu or Neon Alley to screen Episodes 24, 25, 33, 34, and 35 of Viz Media’s brand-spankin’-new Sailor Moon dub.

However, these five episodes aren’t the only ones to drop this weekend. Episodes 25-36, all twelve of them, will be online and will remain available for a limited time only during this holiday season! This new stretch of high definition episodes covers the conclusion of Naru’s dangerous liaison with Nephrite, the race to recover the lost Rainbow Crystals, the discovery of the Moon Princess’s identity, and most importantly the completion of the Sailor Team with the long-awaited arrivals of Sailor Jupiter (Amanda Miller) and Sailor Venus (Cherami Leigh). As for the rest of this arc, the release time and date for the remaining English episodes of this epic first season will be announced during the event.

Fans are invited take part in a real-time Q&A with VIZ Media staff that will run throughout the evening. Viewers can submit questions throughout the event via YouTube, in the comments sections of the actual live stream (as available), or on the official VIZ Media Facebook page, and via Twitter using the special hashtag, #MoonlightParty. They can also interact with members of the VIZ Media Sailor Moon team, which will be present during the live stream to answer questions and offer lively commentary and little known information about the series and these new episodes.

A Sailor Moon trivia contest also will take place and fans and aspiring Sailor Guardians are invited to submit their answers via Facebook and Twitter to win special prizes. Sailor Moon fans nationwide are also encouraged to share pictures from their own Moonlight Parties by using the hashtag #MoonlightParty on their favorite social media platforms.

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VIZ Media’s Sailor Moon Season 1 Set 1 Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack as well as the Standard Edition DVD set are both now available for purchase. The Sailor Moon Season 1 Set 2 Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack and Standard Edition DVD sets are now available for preorder from leading anime and video retailers.

Fans can also catch the brand new Sailor Moon reboot – Sailor Moon Crystal – with new episodes (subtitled) available to stream the first and third Saturday of every month on Hulu and Neon Alley.

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