Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 4 Trailer

Can't wait two weeks for Sailor Moon Crystal episode 4? We've at least got a trailer for you to watch...

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer

So, as the final scene of this week’s episode teased, next time we’ll be seeing the masquerade ball where Usagi will finally get some quality time with Tuxedo Mask. If all things go as expected, this will also be her first kiss (which will hopefully include her internal monologue to help us know that she’s fucking CONSCIOUS when the dude kisses her, because otherwise…gross).

Watch the preview for Sailor Moon Crystal Act 4 right here.

As this week’s episode and this preview have shown us, the writers are making surprisingly good use of Usagi’s classmates, and I wonder how much this will continue as the Sailor Senshi are introduced. As is, we’ve already got three Senshi, and by this point in the anime, Yumiko and Kuri had all but disappeared. Naru-chan did enjoy the whole Nephrite storyline, but with things being more manga-oriented, it’s almost certain that this relationship will not be explored, especially if the Sailor / Shitennou couplings are canonized in this version.

In addition to flashes of Usagi both in her ball gown disguise and as Sailor Moon, we see some stock footage of Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion. Granted, it’s footage we’ve seen before, so it’s possible this was just stuck in the trailer arbitrarily, but considering there’s going to be some major interaction between Tuxedo Mask and Usagi in all her forms in this upcoming episode, it’s bound to be topical. Whether it will just be revisiting footage we’ve already seen or adding new footage is the question. I am, of course, hoping for the latter.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that in the manga, Nephrite is the only Dark Kingdom character (aside from Jadeite’s crispy corpse) to appear in this chapter, but the preview has an extreme close-up on someone who could be either Jadeite or Zoisite. It’s hard to tell. Either way, it would work. This could either explore Jadeite’s state of disgrace in light of Nephrite’s promotion to his old position. It could just as easily feature some all new action with Zoisite. Either way, the precedent set this week will start to bear fruit in the very next episode. And if the departures from the source material start out small and then organically grow as the series progresses, well that’s fine by me!

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