Peter Kay stiffs his fans yet again

Peter Kay has another DVD out! And it's another rehash of all his old work, in exchange for £21.99!

Be warned...

We’re indebted to the excellent comedy website Chortle for digging this up, because it’s a release that had passed us by. But it seems that Peter Kay is releasing another DVD this November, and it’s one that shows little signs of learning the lessons of last year.

In October of 2007, we ran this story where we discussed with dismay the news that Kay was releasing a compilation DVD of his old material with no new footage of him on it whatsoever. And when we came to release the disc itself, our worst fears were realised, saying in our review (which you can read here): “Kay is one of the most talented and outright funny stand-ups of his generation. But if he’s to put out another official DVD with his name on it, it needs new material. This is the third trip to the well for some of this stuff, and it really isn’t right.”

So does Peter Kay heed some of the scathing criticism of his previous DVD release (sample customer comment: “I honestly cant believe Peter Kay has the bare faced cheek to release this DVD. I fell for the last rehash DVD of old material in a new wrapper which really annoyed me, so to do it again is beggars believe!”)?

Absolutely not. Instead, he releases another one, this time entitled Peter Kay’s Special Kay. According to Chortle, the disc will feature the John Smiths adverts (most of which appeared on a reissue of his Top Of The Tower DVD), his Coronation Street appearances (which were released on the Driven To Distraction DVD), his appearances on a couple of chat shows, the video for his hit single The Winner’s Song, his Comic Relief and Children In Need skits, his debut stand-up performance and his work on the Granada TV show The Last Laugh.

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The asking price for this muddled together collection of whatever material presumably he could pull together? £21.99. Absolutely outrageous.

Granted, there’s no compulsion on anyone to buy the disc, but we all know how this works. Whether you buy it or not, there’s a relative out there who’ll buy it as a present, in the reasonable belief that they’re getting something fresh for their £21.99 outlay.

Let’s leave you with an early customer comments for this new release, which pretty much sum up our feelings too: “Please do not by this DVD. I quite liked Kay to start with and I do like Phoenix Nights. However, this DVD is purely designed to rip off his fans.”

Shame on you, Peter. Shame on you.

The Chortle story is here.


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