Paul McCartney’s Animated Film Finds Its Writer

Jon Croker will write Paul McCartney’s High in the Clouds children’s novel.

Paul McCartney’s animated feature film adaptation of his children’s book High In The Clouds will be written by Jon Croker, according to Deadline. The British screenwriter wrote The Woman In Black: Angel of Death and also writing the feature films The Prey, Desert Dancer, Fast Girls and The Famous Five. Corker started out as a director’s assistant on the Alfonso Cuaron and Mike Newell-directed films in the Harry Potter franchise.

There are rumors and murmurs that McCartney will voice one of the characters. He did it for The Simpsons, even contributing a really rocking recipe for lentil soup. There is also talk that Lady Gaga will supply a song.

McCartney revealed himself a Francophile when he sang about monkeys playing piano songs, someday, in the romantic ballad “Michelle,” off the Beatles’ Rubber Soul album. Now the former Wingsman has another reason to love them. The project was picked up by French company Gaumont. Gaumont is the oldest film studio in the world and High in the Clouds be its first animated feature project for the U.S. The film has been in development since 2009.

High in the Clouds was written by McCartney and Philip Ardagh and illustrated by Geoff Dunbar, who worked with the musician on the 1984 animated film Rupert and the Frog Song. The novel was published by Faber and Faber in October 2005. The book’s main message is the importance of preserving nature and letting animals live free and in their natural habitat.

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“When Wirral the Squirrel is forced to leave his woodland home, destroyed by the expansion plans of the evil Gretsch, he vows to find the fabled land of Animalia, where all the animals are said to live in freedom and without fear,” reads the book’s official synopsis.

“Aided and abetted by Froggo the hot-air-ballooning frog, Wilhamina the plucky red squirrel, and Ratsy the streetwise rodent, Wirral’s personal quest turns into a full-blown plan to save enslaved animals everywhere – a plan which is fraught with danger.”

McCartney wrote eight or nine original songs for the film. Deadline reported that one of the songs featured in High in the Clouds is a collaboration with Lady Gaga.

“Had a beautiful session with Sir Paul McCartney and friends. Working on one of his many secret projects! Killer musicians, vibe, and lots of laughs,” Gaga wrote on Instagram in February. “Always a good time with my buddy. I’ll never forget when he called me last year to work and I hung up the phone cuz I thought it was a prank!”

One of the musicians on the project is reportedly Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready.

High in the Clouds will directed by Cody Cameron (Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2). The screenplay was written by Josh Klausner (Date Night).

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The is no release date for the film or the soundtrack.