New Pink Floyd Album was Considered for Wachowskis Movie

The Endless River, the new Pink Floyd album, was at one point considered as a soundtrack for a Wachowski Siblings movie.

Tucked away in a lovely interview with Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason over at Rolling Stone, is a rather big revelation about something we almost got to see and hear.

You see, the upcoming (and final) Pink Floyd album, The Endless River, was at one point in its genesis considered as potential music for an unnamed Wachowskis movie.

We think we know what movie that is, but we’ll let Nick tell you first:

“A little less than two years ago, Phil [Manzanera, former Roxy Music guitarist and infrequent Floyd collaborator] and I met to go meet with the Wachowski siblings. They are working on a new movie and it seemed like that might be a place where the music could wind up. We’ve always liked the idea of film music. Maybe fortuitously, it didn’t work out and it was back to the drawing board.”

Okay, while the Wachowskis always have a few film projects cooking, it does seem like the music of Pink Floyd would be a perfect fit for next year’s Jupiter Ascending, which looks like some high-flying science fiction if we’ve ever seen it. The band have long flirted with the idea of providing the music for a science fiction film, with the most famous being Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Dune, a project that their more out-there 1970s soundscapes would have suited perfectly (their meeting with Jodorowsky was discussed in the superb documentary about the unmade sci-fi epic). They’ve provided music for other films, notably Michelangelo Antonioni’s Zabriskie Point, while two entire albums in their discography served as soundtracks for films by Barbet Schroeder.

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Anyway, I don’t know for sure if this was intended for Jupiter Ascending, but any excuse to watch that trailer again sounds good to me. The Endless River is out on November 11th. The sadly Floyd-less Jupiter Ascending won’t be out until February 6th, 2015.

Now, hold on a second…Doctor Strange is hidden on the cover of Floyd’s A Saucerful of Secrets, and gets name checked in “Cymbaline.” Somebody had better put Nick Mason in touch with Kevin Feige!

Source: Rolling Stone

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