Mrs Doubtfire: ruining Blu-ray forever?

The last straw that broke the camel's back is, apparently, Robin Williams in drag...

Mrs Doubtfire

This site ran an article last week which questioned whether it was really necessary for certain films to be transferred to Hi-Def DVD formats. As if Fox overheard and are now looking to antagonise us all, they’ve decided to make a solid case for dumping all existing Blu-Ray discs and players into a landfill and just, sort of, pretending it all never happened.

This case has taken the form of a Blu-Ray DVD release of Mrs Doubtfire.

The last thing in the world we need, as a society, is to see Mrs Doubtfire in any more clarity than it already exists in. If anything, they should be down-grading the picture so we can’t really see it properly. They should be improving the picture by removing it, along with the sound, and putting something a little bit less intolerable in its place.

Few could argue that Mrs. Doubtfire wouldn’t look a great deal better if it was actually A Clockwork Orange or This Is Spinal Tap, for example. It might even be possible to argue that the disc space would be better used on the film Jack, just so we can be 100% sure in high definition that it really was Francis Ford Copolla’s name on the end. We’d still be face-to-face with the fact (and I say fact because science can prove this) that Robin Williams was much funnier as a drug addict, but it might hurt less.

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This is really concerning. If Fox find they’re on to a financial winner with Mrs Doubtfire, how long until we can expect to see Blu-Ray shelves packed with copies of Bicentennial Man, Flubber or even Patch Adams?

It also seems that with this release we’re losing sight of what an improved picture is supposed to do; improve the viewing experience. To me, seeing Robin Williams’ astonishingly hairy knuckles so clearly that they could just as well be in the room in front of me isn’t improving anything. It’s making things worse.

Worse, and a great deal more hairy.