Meet a Power Ranger!

The planet's in danger. Recruit a team of teenagers with attitude! Or not. The Disney Store is offering you the chance to meet a Power Ranger - can you really turn that down?

Operation Overdrive

I’ve got a confession to make. It’s not a particularly shocking one, all things considered, but here goes anyway: I used to be a massive Power Rangers fan.

I can remember being in primary school and overhearing some kids playing what seemed to be a completely incomprehensible game involving shouting the names of dinosaurs over and over. “Mastodon! Pteradactyl! Sabre-toothed tiger!” It seemed like nonsense until the day I happened to catch an episode of Power Rangers. Then everything fell into place. I was hopelessly addicted, buying all sorts of Power Rangers-themed crap, from stickers to talking alarm clocks. (It woke you up by shouting “Ai ai ai ai ai! Go go Power Rangers!” and you had to shout back to switch it off. Genius.)

While my preference is still for the original Power Rangers series, I rediscovered the fandom at university when Power Rangers: Dino Thunder turned up on our on-demand TV service. So when the following press release dropped into my inbox, I was possibly irrationally excited:


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8th January 2008: Action Stations! Disney Store is celebrating the arrival of the new range of Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive products with an exclusive in store appearance by Power Rangers hero, the Red Ranger.

Fans of the show, will be able to meet the Red Ranger when he appears in store at selected Disney Stores across the country –

Bluewater, Kent: 10am, Saturday 19th January

Lakeside, Thurrock: 2pm, Saturday 19th January

Leeds, White Rose: 10am, Saturday 26th January

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Meadowhall, Sheffield: 3pm, Saturday 26th January

Oxford Street, London: 10am, Saturday 2nd February

Watford, The Harlequin Centre: 3pm, Saturday 2nd February

Guests attending the Bluewater and Lakeside events are in for an even bigger treat as the Red Ranger will be arriving by the Operation Overdrive Stretch Hummer. Power Rangers fans will be able to take a peak inside the Hummer to watch the latest episodes!

Operation Overdrive will form part of Power Rangers Month on Jetix – the first channel to screen the new Power Rangers series in the UK – and sees the Power Rangers facing their most difficult challenges yet as they struggle to conquer the evil forces out to take over the world.

What’s more, Operation Overdrive fans can visit any Disney Store between 17th January and 2nd February and receive a free Power Rangers goody bag with any purchase over £15.

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Joanne Webb, Marketing Director of Disney Store Europe, commented: “We’re thrilled to be celebrating the launch of Operation Overdrive at Disney Store with a variety of different treats for fans young and old, all of which is complemented by the fantastic selection of products available in store and which we’re pleased to say, is proving to be very popular with our guests.”

Now, I’m aware that if I did go along, I’d probably be the oldest non-parent present. But I kind of want to go anyway. Am I alone in this?