Masters of the Universe: Laughing Prince Adam He-Man Exclusive Coming to SDCC

The popular "What's Up?" video gets its very own action figure, here's how you can score one!

“I wake in the morning and I step outside and I take a deep breath and I get real high, and I scream from the top of my lungs, what’s going on?”

With 2018 continuing to be one snake in the mailbox after another, perhaps it is time to just give in to the insanity, throw your hands in the air, and fully embrance the chaos of our times. After all, who could have possibly predicted that the above lyrics from 4 Non Blondes’ 1990s ubiquihit “What’s Up?” would feel eerily prescient in the age of Trump. Then again, this was a song that seems to have one life after another. Since its initial release in 1992, the rocky ballad has been a radio mainstay. But more important for readers of this website, it was covered in the best Masters of the Universe viral video ever. Ahem:

This thing took on such a life of its own, that it inspired gifs, endless memes and even a live-action remake:


In a video packed with instantly iconic moments, easily the most memorable is watching Prince Adam throw his head back and release what can best be described in the parlance of our times as a “IDGAF laugh.” Nearly a decade since SLACKCiRCUS’ original video was uploaded, it remains a beloved goof on Filmation’s often ridiculous He-Man cartoon. And further proof that this thing just won’t go away comes via Super7, who will be releasing their own Laughing Prince Adam figure at San Diego Comic Con next week. Take a look:

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This 7″ figure may be debuting at SDCC, but non-attendees can get their hands on it via Super7’s website here. This is just one of several Masters of the Universe toys that the company will be unleashing next with, with the remaining ones to be updated versions of the classic Mattel figures that have been “re-imagined to match the character designs from the animated cartoon.” To promote this release, Super7 has created the following video that shows the new takes on He-Man, She-Ra, Skeletor, and Hordak in action:

Like Laughing Prince Adam, these too can be pre-ordered for $20 each here, and that’s enough to put a smile on any He-Fans face. And be sure to join us next week when we’ll have a complete overview of all this year’s noteworthy SDCC exclusives!