Love and Saucers Trailer Paints Romance from Beyond

New documentary Love And Saucers paints alien sex as art.

Artists live interesting lives. Some are pained and die too soon, like Vincent Van Gogh. Some are vibrant and youthful beyond their years, like Salvadore Dali.

74 year-old David Huggins paints landscapes. Oh and sometimes moonscapes. Huggins is graphic artist, and some of his paintings are pretty graphic. The new documentary Love and Saucers isn’t science fiction, it is an in-depth look at a man who has had close contact with extraterrestrials.

A close encounter of the fifth kind means having a conversation with an alien. An encounter of the seventh kind leaves someone with a hybrid child. Huggins is hovering at stage 8. He’s been having sex in a forest with an alien woman named Crescent since he was 17. He caught the vulnerability of his first time in the poignant painting “Virginity Lost.” Since then, the modest painter says he’s had hundreds of midnight booty calls. 

The Hoboken, N.J. deli slicer has been painting his recovered memories of alien contact since 1987. Huggins had his first encounter when he was eight years old in Georgia in the 1950s. The official synopsis says  Huggins “claims to have had a lifetime of encounters with otherworldly beings – including an interspecies romance with an extra-terrestrial woman (with whom he lost his virginity to). As a form of self-therapy, he chronicled it all in surreal oil paintings, few of which have ever been seen.”

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You can watch the trailer here:

The documentary, directed by Brad Abrahams, is a straightforward look at the memories and the paintings, allowing the audience to decide if this is art or fantasy. It’s not all forest sex, though. Some of the paintings are uncomfortable.