Lord of Light TV Series in Development

Roger Zelazney's legendary science fiction novel, Lord of Light, will get the TV treatment.

Universal Cable Productions have optioned Roger Zelazney’s science fiction novel Lord of Light as a TV series. Lord of Light is an ambitious, heady work of sci-fi, and it’s likely going to be quite a task to bring the visuals to the screen. Gale Anne Hurd and Valhalla Entertainment are producing, along with Barry Ira Gellar, Rich Angell, and Mark B. Newbauer and Mike The Pike Productions. Ashley Miller will serve as executive producer and writer.

Here’s the official synopsis…

After humans have moved to a new planet, technological disparities allow a privileged few to assume the names and likenesses of deities, and rule over the common people. Tired of the system, a former “god” wages war against the unjust regime.

You might not think you know Lord of Light, but if you saw Argo, you do. The fictional movie being worked on in that film was an adaptation of Lord of Light, and Marvel Universe architect Jack Kirby did a ton of design work. Those designs have recently seen print in Heavy Metal magazine (see the image above), restored by Barry Ira Gellar, who is among the TV adaptation’s producers.