Link Tank: Why Scary Clowns Are Everywhere in 2019

Scary clowns, Dawn of the Dead, Blizzard Entertainment, and more in today's daily Link Tank!

Why Scary Clowns Are Everywhere In 2019

Here why the emergence of clowns is a metaphor for the American landscape in 2019.

“Maybe you didn’t notice the arrival of the clowns. At first it was just a clown or two here and there, a few bizarre local news headlines, scattered jokes on Twitter. And then, seemingly overnight, clowns were everywhere: hiding in ditches, standing near dumpsters, prompting statewide school lockdowns. The White House press secretary had to field questions about the clowns, and the public demanded an investigation by the FBI. One poll ultimately concluded that Americans feared clowns more than death itself.”

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A new study shows that only one in five Americans are excited to work with artificial intelligence.

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“It looks like Americans aren’t too excited about working with artificial intelligence. According to a new survey from Oracle and Future Workplace, only 22 percent of American workers are “excited about AI.”

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Here’s why Elton John is not a fan of the recent remake of The Lion King.

“The reactions to Disney’s The Lion King remake has been mixed overall. One person who falls into the dislike camp is Sir Elton John, who was one of the minds behind the original film’s stellar score.”

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A new study indicates that fighting climate change will be key to preventing spread of Ebola.

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“A new study outlines the way climate change will impact the spread of Ebola, an extremely dangerous virus that killed more than 11,000 in West Africa a couple years ago. Another outbreak—the second-largest yet—has killed more than 2,000 in the Democratic Republic of Congo this year. As the world warms, these types of outbreaks could increase and move into parts of the world that haven’t historically experienced them, the new study finds.”

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Adult Swim’s new show TruthPoint is a predictably bewildering take on punditry programs.

“The words “genius” and “social media” aren’t two things you usually see together. When one thinks of a “social media star,” images of obnoxious YouTubers or demonically photogenic Vine stars come to mind. The algorithm-driven incentive structure of various platforms causes toxic feedback loops that seem, always, to push the most insufferable personalities to the top; this usually continues until they inevitably collapse in on themselves through their own mistakes, like a souffle of narcissism and hubris presenting itself as “content.” And then everyone forgets, starting the process again.”

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Here are ten gruesome facts about George A. Romero’s classic Dawn of the Dead.

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“In the late 1960s, George A. Romero changed horror cinema forever with Night of the Living Dead, an instant classic that defined zombie storytelling on the big and small screens for decades to come. Over the next decade, Romero—who was reluctant to revisit the creepy world of shambling corpses he’d brought to life—tried other things. But then a chance encounter with a shopping mall and a little help from a fellow horror master changed his mind. The result was Dawn of the Dead, an over-the-top horror comic book for the big screen that remains, for many fans, the greatest zombie film ever made.”

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Blizzard Entertainment has punished more eSports players over their support of Hong Kong protests.

“Blizzard Entertainment has suspended more eSports players for expressing support for pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. This time, the company has issued a six-month ban to the Hearthstone team at American University after members held up a “Free Hong Kong, Boycott Blizz” sign during an official competition last week.”

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