Link Tank: Tigers Are Not Afraid Is a Fantastic Horror Film

Tigers Are Not Afraid, GLOW Season 3, The Amazon Rainforest, and more in today's daily Link Tank!

Tigers Are Not Afraid Is A Fantastic Horror Film

A NASA satellite map is showing extreme air pollution from the fires in the Amazon rainforest.

“Most of us think of carbon monoxide as the dangerous gas that comes from car exhaust, central heaters, and smoking, but it’s also produced by all sorts of combustion processes, including forest fires. For most of August, a record number of wildfires have burned in the Amazon Rainforest, started mostly by farmers practicing “slash-and-burn” agriculture — a phenomenon that the international community has blamed on Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro’s loosening of environmental regulations.”

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The best episode in the third season of GLOW deals with unconscious bias, racism, and sexism.

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“The best episode of this new season of the Netflix’s GLOW deals with unconscious bias, racism, and sexism, outside of the wrestling ring. The gorgeous ladies of wrestling have made an epic comeback with the show’s third season, set among the blinding lights and clinking slot machine sounds of Las Vegas, an ultimately uneven ride.”

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A hurricane has obilterated the most spectacular reef in Hawaii.

“Rapture Reef was an undersea Eden, hundreds of miles out in a remote, ocean wilderness. It was a pristine, coral wonderland, renowned among marine biologists. But now it’s gone. This month, stunned scientists discovered that a hurricane wiped Rapture Reef off the map last fall.”

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Tigers Are Not Afraid is the best horror-fantasy film of the entire year.

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There’s one type of story that often gets told about cartels. It’s the one you see in Narcos and Sicariowhich glorify charismatic drug lords and the men and women trying to take them down. It’s not the one in Tigers Are Not Afraid, the devastating horror-fantasy that arrived in select theaters last weekend. Issa López’s Guillermo Del Toro-approved film tells a different kind of narrative, one that focuses on the orphans of the drug war, adrift in an inhospitable city.  

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PetSmart is now selling costumes for Guinea Pigs just in time for Halloween.

“Regardless of whether or not animals enjoy it, some people can’t resist dressing up their pets in wigs and sequins when October rolls around. This has become so common that it’s easy to find Halloween costumes for dogs and even cats in stores and online. This year, PetSmart is making sure some of the smallest animals they cater to don’t feel left out: The pet supply chain is selling a line of costumes for guinea pigs just in time for Halloween.

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Google is now moving hardware production out of China.

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“The next piece of Google-branded hardware you purchase may no longer carry the words “Made in China” on the casing. Google is thought to be moving production of its gadgets elsewhere. As Reuters reports, most of the America-bound hardware Google produces in China is expected to move to a new manufacturing destination located in Vietnam. The shift away from China is due to two factors: tariffs and labor.”

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