Link Tank: The Sickest Burns In Game of Thrones History

Game of Thrones, Google Walkout, DC Universe's Titans, and more in today's daily Link Tank!

The Sickest Burns In Game of Thrones History

Here are ten characters who may die at the battle of Winterfell. 

“It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for. Game of Thrones is finally set to deliver the long-promised Great Battle of Winterfell, and that means one thing above all else: A lot of characters are going to die. GoT Season 8, Episode 3 is set to pit the Night King’s undead forces against all the remaining heroes, and we’re definitely expecting some major deaths that will have you shrieking in disbelief like Ellaria Sand in Season 4.”

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Here’s why DC Universe’s Titans screwed up with Raven.

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“The biggest problem with DC Universe’s live-action Titans series, to me, is that it seems to lack a fundamental understanding of most of its characters. The only protagonist who I feel gets an accurate portrayal is Beast Boy, but even he gets a little warped from being stuffed into such a dark narrative, where a character like him was never meant to be. Everyone else on the team is vastly different than their comics counterparts. Of all of the poorly represented characters, the most infuriating is Raven.”

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China’s new video game rules ban blood, corpses, and poker. 

“In late-December, the Chinese government ended a nine-month freeze on approving new video games after a major government re-organization shifted the approval process to the propaganda-focused State Administration of Press and Publication. We now have official details on the new restrictions and requirements for games entering that lucrative market, and it doesn’t look good for Mortal Kombat 11.”

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The organizers of the Google Walkout are accusing the companies of retaliation.

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“Last November’s massive walkout at Google protesting workplace sexual harassment was initially met by some support from the company’s top brass. But now two employees behind the walkout claim that Google has begun to retaliate. On Monday, the two organizers, Claire Stapleton and Meredith Whittaker, posted a letter to the company’s internal mailing list, accusing the tech giant of taking the retaliatory actions, according to Wired.”

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South Dakota’s Flintstones Theme Park has been demolished. 

“Fans of The Flintstones have said their final goodbyes to Bamm-Bamm, Fred, Pebbles, and other longtime residents of South Dakota’s Bedrock City. As the local NewsCenter1 station reports, the quirky roadside attraction in the city of Custer—which closed down in 2015—has now been bulldozed.”

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Here are the sickest burns in Game of Thrones history.

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“Part of the joy of watching Game of Thrones is seeing our favorite characters absolutely annihilate each other. Verbally, I mean. Forget dragon fire, the most brutal burns come from the characters who fight with their words, laying into their enemies with a few well-timed quips. From Tyrion Lannister to the Queen of Thorns, we’ve picked out the sickest burns of the whole show. Game of Thrones? More like Game of Owns.”

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