Link Tank: The Mummy Is a Perfect Movie

The Mummy, Game of Thrones, Riot Games, and more in today's daily Link Tank!

The Mummy Is A Perfect Movie

Jon Snow’s fate on Game of Thrones may have been foreshadowed by a dead character.

“At this point, we really have no idea who will win the titular game of thrones on HBO’s beloved fantasy series, but a clever callback to a long-dead Game of Thrones character in Season 8, Episode 4 could be a huge hint about how the series ends for Jon Snow.”

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Employees of Riot Games have walked out in protest of the company’s new policies.

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“Yesterday, the employees of Los Angeles-based Riot Games organized a walkout to protest the company’s stance on forced arbitration, as Kotaku reported with live updates. All of this is the fallout of allegations of a sexist and often hostile work environment from dozens of employees revealed in an investigation last year, also from Kotaku, and since late last year, five current and former Riot Games employees have filed lawsuits against the company, claiming that Riot violated the California Equal Pay Act. In response to those lawsuits, Riot filed a motion to block two of them, because the employees signed arbitration agreements, which waived their rights to a jury trial against the company.”

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Crypto exchange Binance has lost $40 million due to hackers.

“Cryptocurrency trading hub Binance, one of the world’s largest, has confirmed it lost about 7,000 Bitcoins (around $40 million) to hackers after its so-called “hot wallet,” i.e. one connected to the internet and used to process transactions, was breached, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday.”

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The house from the popular show Full House is now for sale in San Francisco.

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“In the opening credits for the sitcom Full House, fans knew to expect a shot of the Tanners in a car, a view of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, and a quick glimpse of the red door of the family’s home. Fans have been visiting the real location of the San Francisco home used to shoot that iconic opening’s exterior for years to take photos (and annoy the neighbors), but now someone has the opportunity to do more than lurk outside: reports that the home is currently on the market for $5.99 million.”

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Here’s why 1999’s The Mummy is the perfect movie.

“There are a lot of movies out there that everyone seems to agree are pretty good. Citizen Kane‘s pretty good. The Godfather is pretty good. Casablanca, that’s another good one. But in the history of cinema all over the world, there’s only one movie out there that is perfect, and it’s Stephen Sommers’ 1999 action-adventure Brendan Fraser vehicle The Mummy, which happens to have just turned 20 years old.”

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Incognito mode is now coming to Google Maps and Google Search.“Google first introduced Incognito Mode years ago with the release of the Chrome browser. Now, as part of a larger push to enhance consumer privacy, the search giant is adding Incognito Mode to both Google Search and Google Maps. When Incognito Mode is engaged in Chrome, your activities aren’t stored in your browser history. It also disables cookies, which are used to identify and sometimes track individuals around the web, and turns off browser extensions. It doesn’t hide your online activity, as a VPN would.”Read more at PCMag.