Link Tank: The Main Problem With Tesla’s Supercharger Network

Rick and Morty Season 4, Tesla's Supercharger Network, I Lost My Body, and more in today's daily Link Tank!

The Main Problem With Tesla's Supercharger Network

Here’s how Daniel Craig’s character in Knives Out was inspired by sci-fi animated series Futurama.

“In case you haven’t heard, Knives Out is A Good Movie and the perfect sweater-weather trip to the theater. The whodunnit plot features a wildly successful mystery writer, a house in the woods, and loveably hideous family full of suspects. But the real pleasure if watching Rian Johnson’s impressive ensemble cast at work, and the clear standout of the bunch is the unexpectedly hilarious Daniel Craig in the role of Detective Benoit Blanc, “the last of the gentleman sleuths.” A soft-boiled gumshoe with a penchant for overcooked metaphors, Blanc speaks with an accent like southern-fried molasses (with an added dollop of emphasis on the “mo”). If you watched the trailers and thought there was something familiar about Blanc you can’t put your finger on, you’re not alone.”

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Here’s how the new season of Rick and Morty masterfully shows that Rick is a flawed human being.

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“Rick & Morty is one of my favorite shows ever, and I have absolutely been enjoying the most recent season, especially because it seems to be making it very clear that (a) this show isn’t for fascists, and (b) Rick is a self-destructive creep. Yes, it’s okay to follow him on this journey and even find him interesting or amusing, but the reality is that he is not a good person, and his need to know everything can be truly exhausting.”

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Here is the main problem with Tesla’s supercharger network.

“For all the crap we give Tesla, they rightfully deserve to be lauded for the Supercharger network of fast-charging stations. You want to drive across the country in your electric car? Easy peasy, thanks to the ability to quick charge up to about an 80% tank of electron juice in about 20 minutes. Unless you and some of the hundreds of thousands of other Tesla owners want to use the exact same Supercharger station at the exact same time.”

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Here’s why Netflix animated French film I Lost My Body is one of the most beautiful films of the year.

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“If you ride the public transit in a major city for long enough, you can expect to see some strange occurrences. About a quarter into Jeremy Clapin’s feature-length debut, the brilliantly animated French film I Lost My Body, there’s a scene that would terrify even the most hardened and experienced subway commuter.”

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T-Mobile has turned on its low-band 5G network for over 200 million Americans.

“T-Mobile turned on its low-band 5G network today, suddenly covering 200 million Americans with 5G service. The company’s 600MHz “low-band” 5G will be the first to showcase an experience we’ll soon be getting from AT&T and US Cellular, as well: 5G with a lot of range, but without the block-rocking speeds some 5G promoters have been pushing.”

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Here are eleven interesting facts about legendary American author Mark Twain.

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“Mark Twain is widely considered the author of the first great American novel—The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn—but his rollicking tales aren’t the only legacy he left behind. His poignant quotes and witticisms have been told and retold (sometimes erroneously) over the last century and a half, and his volume of work speaks for itself. Over the course of his legendary career, Twain—real name Samuel Langhorne Clemens—wrote more than a dozen novels plus countless short stories and essays and still found time to invent new products, hang out with famous scientists, and look after a house full of cats.”

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