Link Tank: Tesla Sentry Mode is Inspired By Rick And Morty

Tesla, Ted Bundy, Tumblr, and more in today's daily Link Tank!

Tesla Sentry Mode Will "Channel" Rick And Morty

Tesla’s “Sentry Mode” is inspired by Rick And Morty, according to Elon Musk.

“An upcoming feature for Tesla’s vehicles will make reference to Rick and Morty, CEO Elon Musk suggested on Sunday. The “Sentry Mode” is expected to provide an extra layer of security by utilizing the car’s array of cameras to detect intruders. Musk, who likes to pepper his company’s products with pop culture references, is using the release to reference one of his favorite shows.”

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Here’s how Tumblr’s ban on adult content has affected fandoms.

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“Tumblr’s traffic is down since their mid-December ban on all adult content, including explicit fanart. How have these changes hit fan communities? We’ve written about why Tumblr’s ban on adult content was a terrible idea, and the general response amongst the platform’s userbase was indignation and outrage. More than 400,000 people signed a petition to rescind the ban policy before it went into effect, to no avail. Apart from anger at the loss of years of created and curated content, Tumblr had been seen as a safe space of sexual exploration, the place where people could express their identity among supportive communities.”

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According to star Zazie Beetz, The Joker was being rewritten during filming.

“Ah, it’s fine. The Joker doesn’t have a stable backstory anyway. Script? He doesn’t need a script!I kid, but: In a recent interview, Zazie Beetz, one of Joaquin Phoenix’s co-stars in the upcoming Joker, directed by Todd Philips, said that the film took a loser approach to its scripting. “The script was great. We rewrote the whole thing while we were shooting it,” she told MTV News. “Literally, write the scene for the night and then do it. During hair and makeup we’d memorize those lines and then do them and then we’d reshoot that three weeks later.”

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Zac Efron’s brillant performance can’t save the Ted Bundy biopic from falling short.

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“Let’s get this out of the way: Zac Efron makes a good Ted Bundy. By simply casting the former teen dream as the notorious serial killer who viciously murdered more than 30 women and engaged in necrophilia, Joe Berlinger’s feature Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile is a coup. Efron masters Bundy’s unnerving charm, but always keeps a glint of menace in his eyes and flared nostrils. He performs normalcy the way only a psychopath can. The problem with the film, which debuted at Sundance Friday, is that it’s far too enamored with Bundy, even when it has good ideas elsewhere.”

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Here’s why Will Smith almost never curses in his music.

Before he became a major movie star, Will Smith built up his acting resume through his television work—most notably as the star of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. But his initial rise to fame came via his music career, where he made up one half of the Philadelphia-born hip hop duo DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince.

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YouTube will stop recommending videos promoting conspiracy theories.

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YouTube is again claiming it’ll tweak its recommendation system to promote fewer conspiracy videos. The Google-owned service announced the change after BuzzFeed published a report detailing how YouTube’s recommendation systems can lead you down a “rabbit hole” of misinformation and politically charged content.

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