Link Tank: Scientists Discovered More About Oumuamua

Oumuamua, Jimmy Kimmel, Stan Lee, and more in today's daily Link Tank!

Scientists Discovered More About Oumuamua

Scientists have discovered an Earth-like, frozen planet orbiting a neighboring star.

“There are a lot of reasons to be excited about the recent discovery of an Earth-like, frozen planet orbiting one of our neighboring stars. For one, it represents the culmination of years of searching for exoplanets, and two, as one scientist involved in the search tells Inverse, it may open the floodgate to finding more potentially habitable planets in the future.”

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Marvel has eulogized Stan Lee in a moving memorial video. 

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“The loss of comic book icon Stan Lee on Monday has inspired an outpouring of memories and reminiscences about the grandfather of comics. Now, Marvel has put together a memorial video for the man behind some of the greatest comic book characters ever. The video features footage from Lee’s TV pilot and special appearances, along with interviews with some of Marvel’s most influential voices.”

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Jimmy Kimmel’s new “Mean Tweets” focuses on country music stars.

“Jimmy Kimmel launched a new edition of ‘Mean Tweets’ on Wednesday. It’s the fourth installment focusing on country music stars in the long-running series, which has also lampooned stars of hip-hopthe NBAthe NFLthe Avengers, and Jimmy Kimmel himself.”

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Scientists have discovered more about interstellar object Oumuamua.  

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“Scientists have learned more about ‘Oumuamua, the hunk of matter that is the first known interstellar object to ever be detected by scientists within the boundary of the solar system. Specifically, observations performed by researchers using the Spitzer Space Telescope and published in The Astronomical Journal have determined that prior observations likely established too generous an upper boundary on how large it could be.”

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An Amazon Echo will be a key witness in a double murder case. 

“Amazon‘s Alexa-powered Echo smart home device could find itself providing key evidence in a murder trial dating back to 2017. Thanks to the presence of an Amazon Echo device in the vicinity of the murder, a New Hampshire judge has ruled that Amazon must release any recordings from the Echo device found at the crime scene.”

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Here are five ways you can help the California wildfire victims. 

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“The “Camp Fire” in Northern California’s Butte County has killed more than 40 people and destroyed more than 7100 homes since it started tearing through the region on November 8. Authorities are still investigating the cause, but it has already been labeled the deadliest wildfire in California’s history. At the same time, two other fires—Woolsey and Hill—have been wreaking damage in areas northwest of Los Angeles. Here are some ways you can help the victims.”

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A Nigerian ISP has taken blame for diverting internet traffic to China.

“On Monday, internet traffic was unexpectedly diverted to China after traveling through Nigerian and then Russian ISPs. Google suffered the most, with the G Suite, Google Search, and Google Analytics all being badly affected. At the time, it was unknown whether this was a malicious act by a third-party or an accident, but the Nigerian ISP MainOne has now shouldered the blame.”

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