Link Tank: Pyramids, Pokemon-Shaped Pots, The Joker

There's a strange new way to beat the summer heat. And you can buy a pot for your plant shaped like a Pokemon.

The insides of actual pyramids are nothing like in the movie The Mummy,but since the general populace don’t have access to them, we would never know. Luckily, cosmic rays can now show us the inside of a pyramid.

Here’s a strange idea to beat the coming wave of heat this week: Sweet and savory meat popsicles.

While we’re still in the middle of a Pokémon craze, if you want to house your plant in a Pokémon-shaped pot, you can!

Check out the latest version of Monopoly from Japan. It’s so beautifully crafted, you’ll almost want to lose friends over playing it.

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The guys at Screen Rant give you The Amazing Evolution of The Joker Throughout History: