Link Tank: Netflix Declares November 6th as Stranger Things Day

Stranger Things, John Oliver, Elon Musk, and more in today's daily Link Tank!

Netflix Declares "Stranger Things" Day

Where is Elon Musk’s Starman? SpaceX reveals location of Tesla Roadster. 

“Elon Musk’s car is making its way across the solar system. The firm behind the endeavour, SpaceX, shared an image on Saturday showing how the “Starman” in Musk’s cherry red Roadster, launched on a Falcon Heavy in February, has made its way beyond Mars and is set to swing back on its current path.”

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John Oliver discusses family separation on Last Week Tonight.  

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“The main story on yesterday’sLast Week Tonight focused on immigration in response to Trump declaring his plans to send soldiers to the United States border and barbed wire to keep asylum seekers out. “Trump has made it a centerpiece of his closing argument heading into the midterms,” says host John Oliver, to a clip of Trump calling the group an “invasion” full of men and who will attack American women. “That is such old-timey racism I’m genuinely amazed that image didn’t automatically turn black and white as he talked,” says Oliver, “like Pleasantville in reverse.”

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Here are America’s 25 most popular National Parks, ranked. 

“Arguably the best idea America ever had was our national parks system. More than 300 million people visit every year, pouring over $35 billion into the national economy. You should be one of them! Many parks offer free entrance days — for some, every single day is a free entrance day — and if you want to go all out, an $80 annual pass gets you and a friend unlimited access to all the national parks for the entire year. But which park to visit? There are currently a whopping 60 national parks in America. To help narrow the playing field, we have thusly ranked what are, per to National Parks Service’s 2017 data, the 25 most-visited.”

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Tech billionaires duke it out over proposed “homelessness tax” in San Francisco.  

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“Politicians and tech executives are split on San Francisco’s Proposition C, which would impose an annual 0.175 to 0.69 percent tax on businesses with over $50 million in gross receipts and would double the city’s current spending on services for the homeless. And while many have spoken out about their position ahead of Tuesday’s vote—including but not limited to Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, who opposes Prop C—two tech company heads are duking it out on Twitter.”

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Facebook user growth in the U.S. has flatlined. 

“Facebook’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year in the United States is manifesting where it counts the most: the social network’s daily active users (DAUs). According to Facebook’s most recent earnings report, the company’s DAU growth has hit 0.0 in the US and Canada for the past two 2018 financial quarters. It’s important to note that this plateau isn’t solely the result of Facebook’s data-privacy woes; the platform’s growth in North America has been slowing for years as the social media giant has put a greater emphasis on international growth.”

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Tanzania’s anti-gay campaign uses social media for its witch hunt. 

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“Tanzanian police have recently announced the existence of a surveillance squad used to identify and arrest men who engage in same-sex relationships. The main focus of this 17-member team is to find and apprehend supposed homosexuals via their online social media accounts.”

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Netflix declares November 6th as Stranger Things Day.  

It didn’t take long for Stranger Things to take the world by storm. With just two seasons to its credit, the throwback sci-fi series has garnered multiple awards and constant praise for its clever storylines and excellent acting—and has proven to be a great investment for Netflix. Now, the streaming service is showing its appreciation for Eleven and the gang by declaring an official day dedicated to the series. On Thursday morning, ​Netflix released a teaser video that officially declared November 6, 2018 as the first-ever Stranger Things Day.Read more at Mental Floss.