Link Tank: Japanese Spacecraft To Shoot Bullet At Asteroid

Japanese Spacecraft, Captain Marvel, Back to the Future, and more in today's daily Link Tank!

Japanese Spacecraft To Shoot Bullet At Asteroid

Goose the cat has already become the breakout character of Captain Marvel.

“A select few journalists have been able to preview Captain Marvel, and at the stroke of midnight Wednesday morning, they shared cursory reactions via social media. The general tone of the reactions is nothing short of effusive, showering Marvel and star Brie Larson with praise. The surprising MVP in the film, however, seems like it’s scene stealers like Ben Mendelsohn as Talos, the shapeshifting Skrull villain, and everyone’s favorite MCU feline: Goose the Cat.”

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Sexist trolls have criticized Jade’s new outfit in Mortal Kombat 11.

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“I was super excited to see that Jade, one of my favorite characters in Mortal Kombat, would return to the game in MK 11 after being absent last time around. The gameplay trailer looks amazing, with her having some really badass staff moves, and her fatality against Baraka made me jump with glee.”

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A Japanese spacecraft is set to shoot a bullet at an asteroid this week.

“The spacecraft Hayabusa2’s first touchdown onto the asteroid Ryugu is scheduled for this week. If successful, the craft will shoot a bullet into the rock in order to capture samples to bring back to Earth. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is in the midst of preparing for the probe’s touchdown, and has recreated the asteroid and bullet here on Earth in order to practice, according to a press release. This followed a delay to the planned touchdown, after scientists realized that the asteroid’s composition differed from their expectations.”

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A famous line in Back to the Future has inspired a new fan theory on Reddit. 

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“No matter how many times you’ve watched the 1985 sci-fi classic, there’s always something new to look for in Back to the Future. Writer-director Robert Zemeckis and screenwriter Bob Gale packed the movie with thoughtful details, from Doc Brown’s foreshadowing of Back to the Future Part II to a subtle homage to Stanley Kubrick. As Express reports, one of these easy-to-miss details is a short dialogue exchange during the climax, and once you start paying closer attention to it, it could change the way you watch the rest of the movie.”

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Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy is a promising superhero television show.

“We’ve rocketed past the era of idealized, heroic superheroes, and are now seated firmly in the era of angst-driven deconstructions of the genre. We’ve had Watchmen, which is being redone as a TV series as we speak; we’ve had Batman vs. Superman, the epitome of everything excessively grimdark people cite when they criticize the Warner Bros. superhero films. SyFy’s Deadly Class has its teenaged assassin anti-heroes. And now, thanks to Netflix and My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, we have The Umbrella Academy.”

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is claiming that Teslas will be fully autonomous this year.

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“Tesla is speeding right along with its self-driving plans. During a podcast this week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company’s electric vehicles will be capable of driving fully autonomously by the end of the year. “I think we will be feature complete — full self-driving — this year,” Musk said on the ARK Invest podcast on Tuesday, as CNBC reported. “Meaning the car will be able to find you in a parking lot, pick you up, take you all the way to your destination without an intervention, this year. I would say I am certain of that. That is not a question mark.”

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