Link Tank: IMAX Will Close All VR Centers

IMAX, Sebastian Stan, The Boring Company, and more in today's daily Link Tank!

IMAX VR Center

The Boring Company and Chicago are under a tight deadline for planned tunnel.

“The Boring Company and the mayor of Chicago are under pressure to get the company’s planned tunnel through the city council as soon as possible, a report this week revealed. Elon Musk’s tunnel-digging venture is making progress on its plan to connect the city airport to downtown, but mayor Rahm Emanuel’s announcement that he won’t seek a third term has started a countdown timer.”

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Why is the MCU wasting Sebastian Stan?

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“Perhaps you do not follow me on Twitter but most of the time, I’m talking about I, Tonya. In fact, my bio says to “talk I, Tonya to me” because that movie is pretty much all I want to talk about. So when Screenrant recently posted an article about the MCU wasting Sebastian Stan, my reaction was yes of course, because I have been writing about this vitally important issue since the dawn of time. Bring back his character of Jack Benjamin in Kings or let him have the Miami Vice show that he and Anthony Mackie want to do.”

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What does the ending of Syfy’s Nightflyers mean?

“Here’s the thing about a lot of science-fiction post-2001: A Space Odyssey: At a certain point, if you aren’t paying attention to every little detail, things start to make absolutely no sense. In Syfy’s event series Nightflyers, this effect is compounded by the very fact that, as the crew of the Nightflyer floats ever closer to their extraterrestrial goal, things on board the ship start getting Very Weird.”

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IMAX is closing all of its VR centers.

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“We’re still waiting for virtual reality to become a big enough hit that headsets are as popular as games consoles, but for now it’s still not happening, especially for businesses that invest in the tech. A case in point is IMAX, which after initially embracing virtual reality in 2017 and opening seven VR centers, is now set to throw in the towel and close all of them.”

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A brewery in England is turning corn flakes into beer.

“When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But when life gives you defective corn flakes, you make beer. At least that’s what one brewery in England is doing, Food & Wine reports.”

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Virgin Galactic’s spacecraft just arrived in space.

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“Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity spacecraft just arrived in space for the first time ever, an achievement marking huge step forward in the path to private space tourism. The occasion also marked the first time a US commercial human flight has made it to space since 2011, when NASA’s Space Shuttle program shut down.”

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Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz had his email data collected by the FBI.

“Nearly two years before the U.S. government’s first known inquiry into the activities of Reddit co-founder and famed digital activist Aaron Swartz, the FBI swept up his email data in a counterterrorism investigation that also ensnared students at an American university, according to a once-secret document first published by Gizmodo.”

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