Link Tank: Hell On The Border Chronicles Western Lawman Bass Reeves

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Hell On The Border, and more in today's daily Link Tank!

Hell On The Border Chronicles Western Lawman Bass Reeves

Here is what a real descendant of the 1921 Tulsa race riots thought of HBO’s Watchmen.

Chayanne Hubbard watched the premiere episode of Watchmen because she’s a Regina King fan. She had no idea that the HBO drama, which Damon Lindelof based on and expanded from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ classic graphic novel, would portray the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. It’s an event that ripped apart her family’s life, leaving them homeless and horrified nearly 100 years ago. Her great-uncle Harold Wood had told her about the mobs of angry white men who torched and looted affluent black peoples’ homes and businesses, but she couldn’t really picture such a gut-wrenching event.

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The life of legendary Western lawman Bass Reeves gets chronicled in new film Hell on the Border.

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“When you hear stories about the Lone Ranger, you are often told about a masked Caucasian cowboy who hung out with a Native American named Tonto. In reality, the real Lone Ranger was a formerly enslaved man, Bass Reeves, who became the first Black deputy U.S. Marshal west of the Mississippi River. After making a brief cameo in HBO’s Watchmen, his story is coming to the big screen in the Lionsgate film, Hell on the Border.”

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A book about C-3PO revealed an intriguing new detail about the Knights of Ren from Star Wars.

“Now the Knights of Ren factor into Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is anyone’s guess at this point. Fans have wondered whether they reported directly to Kylo Ren, served Palpatine, or were working with Darth Vader. Now, a new book from Anthony Daniels, I Am C-3PO – The Inside Story, reveals an intriguing new detail about what the Knights of Ren will be up to in The Rise of Skywalker.”

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Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie announced the production of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Instagram.

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“The wait for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is finally over! Or, at least, the wait for the Disney+ show to go into production. While the series has been generating buzz for quite some time, we weren’t really sure when they were set to kickoff. But today, in a fun Instagram battle between both Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie, the two took to Marvel Studios’ Instagram stories to release the exciting news.”

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Here’s why Apple TV+’s new science fiction drama See won’t be the next Game of Thrones.

“Last weekend at the Austin Film Festival in Texas, writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss made a subsection of the internet very angry — again. Sitting on a panel for one of the lengthier public interviews they’ve given since the controversial end to their massive HBO hit, the Game of Thrones creators described the early days of the show as an expensive film school and noted, “everything we could make a mistake in, we did.” Comments that were likely intended to be seen as a self-deprecating, quasi-playful or faux-humble peek behind the curtain were instead widely interpreted as signs of gross incompetence and unacknowledged privilege. Who did these guys think they were?”

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The Voyager 2 has finally reached instellar space, forty-two years after its original launch.

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“In 2012, Voyager 1 became the first human-made object to venture beyond our solar system. The space probe is no longer alone in that distinction. Today—November 4, 2019—researchers at the University of Iowa confirmed that Voyager 2 has entered interstellar space after starting its journey from Earth 42 years ago.”

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Google employees have demanded that the company cut ties with the oil and gas industry.

More than 1,100 employees at Google are calling on the tech giant to help stop global warming by canceling contracts with the oil and gas industry.

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