Link Tank: Get High, Save Dogs, and Play Pong

Today's Link Tank includes information on The Hoff, some new apps and the end of an FBI lawsuit.

Once again, the phrase “there’s an app for that” is proving true as there is now a social network for marijuana enthusiasts: High There! There is even a daily newsletter called Daily Joints. 

An Indiegogo campaign for a documentary called A Voice for Lil Olive, which hopes to put an end to puppy mills, is gaining support from several celebrities including Linda Blair, Better Call Saul’s Patrick Fabian and The X-Files’ William B. Davis.

Project UROK continues its serious, but funny series of videos with improv comedian Keisha Zollar’s installment “Keisha on Depression, High Risk Behavior and Recovery.”

Berlin has a hidden David Hasselhoff museum so now you can admire The Hoff in the way the legend deserves.

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You can play Pong in a Piet Mondrian work of art. The game, called Mondrian Pong, is available here.

Looks like AT&T and Verizon users have had a harder time trying to Netflix and chill as the streaming service admitted it has been capping those users’ streams.

The FBI ended its lawsuit against Apple because it was able to hack into an iPhone with the company’s help.

The Georgia governor has vetoed the bill that many critics say curtail the rights of Georgia’s LGBT community. Disney, Marvel and The Walking Dead had all previously come out against the bill and said they would boycott filming in the state if the bill were to pass.

Own a ton of Magic The Gathering cards? Here’s your go-to guide for determining the value.

Nintendo’s first smartphone-only app, Miitomo, will come to Apple’s App Store in U.S. and several other countries this Thursday, March 31.

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Deadpool has officially made more money globally than any other R-rated movie.

Lastly, SoundCloud is getting in the subscription service game.