Link Tank: French Fries, Starman, & Curiosity Rover

Find out where the best fries are in the 50 states and what caused Curiosity Rover's glitch!

Potato enthusiasts will surely want to check this out: The best french fries in all 50 states.

What would we do without our daily cup of joe? As caffeine-dependent creatures, many of us would not be able to function. Artist Samuel Milham takes this concept to a whole other level with his hilarious depictions of pop culture characters before they’ve had their morning coffee.

If you haven’t been following what’s happening on Mars, here’s an explanation of what caused Curiosity Rover to glitch out.

Writer John Jackson Miller has done some research and it seems comics are at a high point of popularity right now

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Someone has finally answered this very important comics question: does DC’s 1990’s Starman series stand the test of time?