Link Tank: Aston Martin From Goldfinger Sells For $6.38 Million

Aston Martin, Wonder Woman 1984, Hong Kong Protests, and more in today's daily Link Tank!

Aston Martin From Goldfinger Sells For $6.38 Million

Here’s how Blue Origin and SpaceX may compete to send human beings to the moon.

“Who will be the next person to step on the moon? If a new competition comes to light, it could be an astronaut recruited by SpaceX or Blue Origin.”

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Wonder Woman 1984 may introduce more Amazons in the upcoming sequel. 

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“The world needs Wonder Woman now more than ever, and with Wonder Woman 1984 looming on the horizon, we’re all itching for some kind content of Diana Prince. After her first movie, we’ve only seen our favorite Amazon in Justice Leagueand I like to pretend that movie does not exist because I personally hate how they treated the Amazons and, more specifically, Diana as a character. So, for me, I cannot wait to see Patty Jenkins bring Diana Prince to the screen once again.”

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Wisconsin is the first state with a plan to go carbon-free by the mid-century.

“The impacts of climate change have been real so far this year for the Midwest. Historic flooding has ravaged multiple states, and don’t even get me started on last month’s heatwave.”

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A tiny tunnel in Boston may be the missing piece to connecting all of the East coast.

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“If you look at the 457 miles of Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor (NEC) rail lines, you’d see what looks like uninterrupted service up and down the East Coast. The Acela Express line runs from Boston down through New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C., while the Downeaster line connects Boston to northern reaches of New England, through New Hampshire and up to Portland and Brunswick, Maine. But zoom in on Boston, over the North Station and South Station, and you’ll find a tiny hole — just 1.5 miles — where the two lines don’t meet in the middle, splintering East Coast transit, snarling commutes on Boston’s T subway system, and fracturing regional rail lines.”

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James Bond’s gadget-filled Aston Martin from Goldfinger just sold for $6.38 million.

“There are a lot of famous Hollywood cars, including Back to the Future’s DeLorean, K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider, and The Dukes of Hazzard’s General Lee. But none are more renowned than James Bond’s collection of gadget-filled Aston Martins. In 1963, Eon Productions commissioned four Aston Martin DB5 models: two for Goldfinger (1964) and two to promote Thunderball (1965).”

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Twitter has banned state-sponsored ads in the wake of the current protests in Hong Kong.

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“Twitter will ban all ads from state-run news agencies after several Chinese government-controlled media outlets used them to promote content critical of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.”

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