Link Tank: Apple Is Increasing Security Measures For iOS 12

Apple, Google Play, the North Pole, and more in today's daily Link Tank!

Apple iPhone iOS 12 Update

Apple may have made it harder for the police to crack down on iPhone’s passwords. 

“Apple has reportedly upped iOS 12’s security measures even more than previously expected. The software update has been said to be immune to one of the iPhone’s biggest weaknesses, the GrayKey password cracker employed by United States law enforcement using the device’s lighting port.”

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Here are the best animated villain songs to sing along with on Halloween.

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“Who doesn’t love a good villain musical number? They’re usually the most fun part of the Disney classic, or Don Bluth film if we want to include honorary Disney movies Anastasia and The Swan PrincessThe villain gets to swan about, dramatically laying out their evil plan or their motivations as the animation department kicks it into high gear on the visuals. Since it’s the spookiest of all seasons, let’s run down a few of our favorite villain songs to celebrate. After all, if you’re not big on the scary stuff, having a couple creepy numbers is definitely the best soundtrack for your Halloween party.”

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App Analytics firm App Annie broke down a decades’ worth of Google Play data on nearly ten million apps.  

“To commemorate Google Play’s 10-year anniversary, app analytics firm App Annie published a report breaking down trend data from app store’s inception to today. (Much of the data concerns the period from 2012 to 2018, after it was rebranded from Android Marketplace to Google Play.)”

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A man attacking a spider with a blowtorch accidentally set his parents’ house on fire.  

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“A 23-year-old man in Fresno, California was house-sitting for his parents when he came across multiple black widows. He reacted as any reasonable human would — and promptly overreacted. By which we mean, he used the righteous flame of a blowtorch to attack the spiders and kind of, sort of set his parents’ house on fire.”

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An adorable baby octopus is actually a pea-sized killer.  

“An image of a pea-sized cephalopod captured by a team of scientists in Hawaii has been making the rounds this week as the result of how cute this tiny squish appears at first glance. But make no mistake, even a baby octopus can be a cold-hearted killer—and there’s photographic evidence to prove it.”

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A web-based database of thousands of images will better track ice loss in the arctic. 

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“A new database has been created to help track the effects of climate change on the North Pole. Researchers at the University of Texas at San Antonio have developed a system, called ArcCI (or Arctic CyberInfrastructure), which combines thousands of images from 1998 to the present day of the Arctic Ocean.”

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How can owls rotate their heads 270 degrees?

“For humans, sudden gyrations of the head and neck—whether they’re from car accidents, rollercoaster rides, or chiropracty gone awry—can tear blood vessel linings in the neck, leading to clots that can cause stroke. Not so in owls, which can quickly rotate their heads 270 degrees in either direction without damaging blood vessels or cutting off blood flow to the brain. How do they do it?”

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