Link Tank: Amazon Picks Two Locations As 2nd HQ

Amazon's new HQ locations, Stan Lee, Doctor Who, and more in today's daily Link Tank!

Jeff Bezos Amazon New HQ Locations

Elon Musk recently shared statistics on a Tesla feature’s effectiveness in cleaning California fire air.

“Tesla’s ‘Bioweapon Defense Mode’ is causing a stir among Californians. The air filtration system has proven its usefulness in a variety of situations, and Model S and X electric vehicle owners are now sharing stories with CEO Elon Musk about how the feature has enabled safer driving during the state’s wildfire crisis. On Tuesday, Musk shared some statistics from one owner that showed the feature’s impressive effectiveness.”

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Doctor Who fans are now divided over the new season’s historical approach.

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“Leave it up to Doctor Who fans to forget what the show was originally created for! This week’s episode, ‘Demons of the Punjab’. showed viewers a very real historical moment that many of us were not taught about in school. The Partition of India occurred when was an important time in Muslim, Hindu, and Sikh history when India and Pakistan separated from one another while under British rule.”

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Amazon has picked two locations for its HQ.

“Amazon’s hunt for a second headquarters is drawing to a close, as two locations have been tapped to host the HQ2. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the headquarters will be in northern Virginia and New York City. This follows news that the second headquarters will actually be broken down into two smaller HQs.”

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Valve has rewarded a security expert who discovered a bug.

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“Steam contained a rather serious security flaw until recently that made it possible for an attacker to generate an activation key for any game available on the digital store with no payment necessary. Luckily for Valve, a security researcher discovered the bug first and has been duly rewarded for reporting rather than exploiting it.”

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Here are ten facts about the dearly departed Stan Lee.

“Comic book legend Stan Lee’s life was always an open book. The co-creator of some of the greatest superheroes and most beloved stories of all time, Lee—who passed away on November 12 at the age of 95—became just as mythical and larger-than-life as the characters in the panels. In 2015, around the time of Marvel’s 75th anniversary, Lee had the idea to reflect on his own life, as he said, “in the one form it has never been depicted, as a comic book … or if you prefer, a graphic memoir.”

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Here are the best games on the Nintendo Switch so far.

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“Here’s a hot take for you: the Nintendo Switch is the greatest console of this generation. Sure, Xbox has game preservation and Sony has whatever the hell Hideo Kojima is working on, but since the Switch’s release in March 2017, Nintendo has worked hard to establish a heartbeat of its own. The handheld has become the best place to play indie hits with Nintendo exclusives that are actively redefining genres, and there’s always something on deck to be excited about. Regardless of your gaming experience, there’s a lot to discover and love on the massively accessible Switch, and these 14 games are totally worth obsessing over right now.”

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Researchers have uncovered toxic particles spewed by 3D printers.

“Researchers have that found that 3D printers spew tiny particles into the air as they operate, though the quantity and nature of these potentially toxic aerosols are poorly understood. A new study identifies a startling variety of these emissions, and the conditions under which they’re produced.”

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