Link Tank: 20 Facts About Gremlins

Gremlins, Macaulay Culkin, MoviePass, and more in today's daily Link Tank!

20 Facts About Gremlins
Photo: WarnerMedia

Here are 20 fun facts about Gremlins.

“You know not to get them wet, expose them to bright light, or feed them after midnight. But here are 20 things you might not know about Joe Dante’s creature-filled dark comedy classic.”

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Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin reprised his role for a Google Assistant ad.

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“Marv and Larry, aka The Wet Bandits aka The Sticky Bandits, from Home Alone were no match for Kevin McCallister back in 1990. As you can see in a new commercial Google released today, the burglars from arguably the best Christmas movie of all time stand even less of a chance outwitting a grown-up Macaulay Culkin armed with Google Assistant.”

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Elon Musk has claimed that the Boring Company will create city wormholes.

“Elon Musk has a vision for how to solve Los Angeles traffic, and it involves whizzing cars through specially-built “wormholes.” The founder of The Boring Company unveiled his tunnel-digging firm’s vision of the future on Tuesday, in a special event by the firm’s first test tunnel next to the SpaceX campus in Hawthorne, California.”

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William Shatner’s tweets on the #MeToo movement stir controversy.

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“Let’s start by reminding everyone that Jim Kirk is actually a beacon of non-toxic masculinity despite what J.J. Abrams would have you think. We’ve also covered why William Shatner is a terrible ambassador for that character, due to being the opposite of what my Captain stands for. Now, Shatner has once more proved why some actors need to stay off social media with his latest comments on the #MeToo movement.”

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Netflix’ new documentary “The Innocent Man” critiques the U.S.’ justice system.

“Ada can be a lovely place, says documentary filmmaker Clay Tweel. The small Oklahoma city is nestled in a part of the Sooner State known for pecan groves and pretty views. It has a church on just about every street corner. It’s the hometown of country music star Blake Shelton. It’s also where two brutal and mysterious murders took place in the ’80s.”

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Bruce Willis and MoviePass have signed a three-picture deal.

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“MoviePass, the e-ticketing company that has spent most of the last year in a slow-motion catastrophic meltdown, has somehow sucked Bruce Willis into a three-picture deal with its production company, Deadline reported this week.”

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Here are the most shocking statistics of 2018.

“A roundup of 2018’s statistics doesn’t sound like the most scintillating premise for a yearly review, but these offerings from the Royal Statistical Society prove otherwise. The Society has just published its annual list of the year’s most mind-boggling stats, and you won’t need an economics degree to appreciate their magnitude.”

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