Link Tank: 10 Wild Mary Poppins Fan Theories

Mary Poppins, Elon Musk, Blue Planet II, and more in today's daily Link Tank!

Ten Wild Mary Poppins Fan Theories

Here are the 10 most interesting fan theories about Mary Poppins.

“It took more than 50 years, but this week, Mary Poppins will finally get a sequel. Mary Poppins Returns promises to re-immerse families in the colorful, musical world of the world’s best nanny. There will be more dancing, more singing, and more animated penguins. But will it answer the longstanding questions about what Mary is and why she can fly?”

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Elon Musk has unveiled the Boring Company’s first rideable prototype.

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“On a surprisingly unsexy stretch of south LA adjacent to a SpaceX parking lot, Elon Musk unveiled The Boring Company’s working test tunnel Tuesday evening, and invited the public to inspect his first big hole in the ground. This long-anticipated tunnel is the first rideable prototype emerging from Musk’s years-long, multi-city endeavor to provide a clean, efficient solution to urban congestion that famously emerged out of his frustration with LA traffic.”

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Here’s why Twilight is consistently ranked as the worst movie ever made.

“Part of growing up as someone who loves books and pop culture was learning to be constructive about my dislike for things, and the biggest one I had to deal with was Twilight. My feels for the young adult vampire romance series are complicated and I have come to accept Twilight for what it is and what it is not.”

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A trove of dinosaur fossils have been found on Hastings coast.

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“Hastings, formerly famed for its battles, is home to a recently uncovered set of remarkable dinosaur fossils. After coastal erosion hit the southeastern seaside town, researchers from the University of Cambridge discovered seven species of dinosaur fossils in its cliffs.”

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A former NASA engineer has built a glitter bomb in order to ward off potential thieves.

“Mark Rober really loves to build things. So when this home electronics tinkerer discovered that some neighborhood thieves were ripping off Amazon packages from his porch, he did what any self-respecting former NASA engineer would do: He built a glitter bomb made to look like a boxed-up Apple HomePod, and he built it to capture video of the entire thing.”

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Blue Planet II is currently the best thing to watch on Netflix.

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“Yes, Netflix is making a serious Oscar play this year with Alfonso Cuarón’s artful Roma, and already took home a bunch of Emmys for their original series like The CrownGodless, and Black Mirror. Each year, their crop of original programming gets more and more outstanding, creating an awards heavyweight out of what was once a humble DVD rental service. But the best thing on there right now isn’t a cerebral awards contender or an effects-heavy prestige drama series. It’s not even a Netflix original. It’s a British nature documentary about fish.”

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Kroger has launched an unmanned delivery service in Arizona.

“Self-driving cars in a Arizona city are starting to deliver groceries to local residents without the help of human drivers. On Tuesday, supermarket chain Kroger announced it was launching the first-ever unmanned delivery service in Scottsdale, Arizona, through autonomous vehicles from Nuro, a Silicon Valley startup.”

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