Link Tank: 10 Facts About Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite, Murder Mystery, Steven Universe, and more in today's daily Link Tank!

10 Facts About Napoleon Dynamite

A new Star Wars: Episode IX theory suggests that a key planet from Rogue One will return.

The premiere of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker may be six months away, but it’s all we can think about. Well, it’s all I can think about — I don’t know about you. One of the things I’m still trying to unpack is a mysterious location only glimpsed in the Rise of Skywalker trailer which could prove to be more important than we think.

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Here’s why the Steven Universe: The Movie is going to be a musical delight. 

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“Last summer, we got a teaser for the Steven Universe movie that will eventually air on Cartoon Network, and just yesterday, we got some amazing updates about the cast and news that it’ll be a musical! A tweet from Cartoon Network yesterday shared that the musical will feature all-new songs by the show’s creator, Rebecca Sugar, in collaboration with Chance the Rapper, Estelle, Patti LuPone, Uzo Aduba, Aimee Mann, and So Gallant.”

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The Tick creator Ben Edlund has given up trying to pitch the shows to other networks. 

“Our hearts were broken recently when Amazon’s The Tick, a well-deserved revival of a classic franchise, was cancelled after only two seasons. The excellent series, detailing the comedic superheroic adventures of the Tick and his mangerie of super and not-so-super friends and enemies, deserved way better, and creator Ben Edlund has been trying to get the show its just desserts since the bad news was announced last month.”

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Adam Sandler’s Murder Mystery is a breezy Netflix original movie.

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“There’s a throwaway joke that occurs early on in Murder Mystery, the latest breezy vacation-comedy from Adam Sandler, that serves as a litmus test of whether or not you’ll enjoy the movie. Sandler’s character Nick Spitz, a schlubby New York City cop with a bad back and a Magnum P.I. mustache, is having a conversation with his wife Audrey, a paperback-mystery-novel-devouring hairdresser played by Jennifer Aniston, and Charles Cavendish, a mischievous wealthy playboy played by Luke Evans. The three are standing in an otherwise empty first-class bar on a plane to Europe, one of those sets with the vacant, sitcom-y look you’ve come to expect from Sandler’s recent run of Happy Madison-produced Netflix movies.”

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Here are ten facts about the 2004 cult comedy classic Napoleon Dynamite. 

“ChapStick, llamas, and tater tots are just a few things that appear in Napoleon Dynamite, a cult film shot for a mere $400,000 that went on to gross $44.5 million. In 2002, Brigham Young University film student Jared Hess filmed a black-and-white short, Peluca, with his classmate Jon Heder. The film got accepted into the Slamdance Film Festival, which gave Hess the courage to adapt it into a feature. Hess used his real-life upbringing in Preston, Idaho—he had six brothers and his mom owned llamas—to form the basis of the movie, about a nerdy teenager named Napoleon (Heder) who encourages his friend Pedro (Efren Ramirez) to run for class president.”

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Fallout Shelter will now be playable on Tesla touch screens.

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“Tesla is setting the standard for electric vehicles right now, but Elon Musk is very keen to push the boundaries of what we expect a car to do in as many ways as possible. That includes gaming. As Engadget reports, Musk sat down with Bethesda’s Todd Howard for an E3 2019 chat and made a few gaming announcement for the touch screen Tesla vehicles all have mounted on the dash. They included the previously-announced Cuphead and Beach Buggy Racing 2, but Howard confirmed Bethesda is currently working on a version of Fallout Shelter for Tesla, so your little dwellers will “live in the car.”

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