ID Bares the Lies in Who Is Donnie Rudd? Keith Morrison Investigates

Who Is Donnie Rudd? Keith Morrison Investigates is under the gun to present evidence in half-century old murder.

Noreen Kumeta Rudd was 19 years old when she died in an accident at a Barrington Hills intersection. She had gotten married 27 days before. That was 45 years ago. Her body was exhumed for examination in 2013. That was no accident. Dateline NBC correspondent Keith Morrison “unearths 40 years of one man’s lies,  and possible murders,” in Investigation Discovery’s upcoming two-hour special Who Is Donnie Rudd? Keith Morrison Investigates.

“Who is Donnie Rudd? It depends on who you ask,” reads the ID press statement. “To some, he’s a war hero, lawyer and brilliant scientist, but to others, he’s a conman, womanizer and possibly a murderer.”

Morrison is under a tight deadline. Rudd faces a murder trial in Chicago on June 25, 2018.  “Four decades after what some authorities believe may have been Donnie’s first murder, he’s still a free man,” reads the statement.

In the special, Morrison talks to family members and business associates “from the small towns of Texas to the elite suburbs of Chicago” to piece together Rudd’s history.  “Considered a ladies’ man by many, Donnie had three marriages under his belt by 1974; however, his 1973 marriage of 28 days to his second wife, 19-year-old Noreen Rudd, didn’t end with a typical lovers’ quarrel, but rather a deadly car accident with Donnie as the sole survivor at the scene.

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“Donnie collected his $100,000 in life insurance and continued his days with his previous girlfriend, Dianne Hart (who would soon become his third wife), and her four children including daughters Cindy, Glory and Lori. Following the exhumation of Noreen’s body forty years later, the three stepdaughters speak candidly with Morrison about what they say was a household of lies and a lifetime of trying to pin their stepfather down as a murderer.

“In 1973, after just 28 days of marriage to Donnie Rudd, Noreen Rudd is found dead at the scene of a car crash in Barrington Hills, IL. Her husband, Donnie, claims it was a terrible accident. Donnie collects $100,000 in life insurance, and marries his former lover, Dianne Hart. The two live out a complicated relationship in a household filled with Dianne’s four children. And then, in 1991, a client of Donnie’s, Loretta Tabak-Bodtke, is found with four gunshot wounds to the head. Police take an interest in Donnie, as he was the last person to see Loretta alive. But the case goes cold for years. It isn’t until 2013 – four decades after his second wife’s death — that Donnie’s history catches up to him when Noreen’s body is exhumed and deemed a homicide. Donnie is charged with first-degree murder. He was never charged with any other crime and maintains his innocence in both Noreen’s and Loretta’s deaths.  Set with a $4 million bond, Donnie posts bail and awaits his upcoming trial for the murder of Noreen Rudd.”

Who Is Donnie Rudd? Keith Morrison Investigates was produced by NBC News’ Emmy Award-winning production arm Peacock Productions for Investigation Discovery. It was executive produced by Elizabeth Fischer and Knute Walker.

Who Is Donnie Rudd? Keith Morrison Investigates premieres Sunday, March 25 at 8 p.m. ET on Investigation Discovery.