Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Geeky Collector’s Edition

Need to get something for a geeky collector friend? Put these gift ideas on your shopping list!

What do you get the nerd who has everything? It’s a tough question to be sure. But fear not true believers, we’ve got some deep cut collectibles that will thrill and surprise even the geekiest person in your life. Take a look at our suggested gifts for geeks:

POWERbot Star Wars™ Limited Edition Darth Vader Vacuum

The Force is strong with this…literally. This is Samsung’s Powerbot™ Star Wars Darth Vader vacuum that comes complete with incredible suction power,  wi-fi connectivity, sound effects and automatic detection abilities that can sense what type of surface it is on and adjust its abilities according. Cleaning has never sucked less…or better!

Buy the Powerbot™ Star Wars Darth Vader Vacuum

Powerbot™ Star Wars Stormtooper Vacuum

It comes available in a Stormtrooper model as well, because we live in a golden age of nerdery. Oh man.

Buy the Powerbot™ Star Wars Stormtrooper Vacuum

Akira: 35th Anniversary Box Set

Kaneda! Katsuhiro Otomo’s groundbreaking manga gets a jaw-dropping new release for the 35th anniversary of its debut. Packaged in a gorgeous oversized box, this new version of Akira features the sprawling saga divided over six hardcover volumes with the exclusive Akira Club companion book and a collectible patch with the iconic pill logo. We realize that this story has been released several times over the year (including from Marvel’s Epic imprint and Dark Horse), but it has never been put together with as much care and style. For Akira fans, it’s an absolute must. And for everyone else it is the definitive collection of the most influential manga of the 20th century.

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Buy Akira 35th Anniversary Box Set on Amazon

John Carpenter: Anthology (Movie Themes 1974-1998)

Recently we witnessed movie magic live in concert as director John Carpenter played selections from his iconic films in front of a sold-out crowd. He was the unlikeliest of performers, doing goofy dances, pointing at audience members playfully and generally having the time of his life. You see at the age of 69, Carpenter has reinvented himself as a bona fide rock star. A few years back, he released Lost Themes, an assortment of synth-heavy jams that were, in his words, “the soundtrack to the movie in your mind.” A successful tour for that album followed, so it was only natural that the release of John Carpenter: Anthology (Movie Themes 1974-1998) — rerecordings of his greatest film hits — would see him hitting the road once more. The energy of Carpenter at his best flows throw every track on this new LP, especially unforgettable tracks like the main themes to Escape from New York, Halloween and They Live. (The album also includes covers of the rare films that Carpenter didn’t provide his own score for, including Ennio Morricone’s claustrophic music from The Thing and Jack Nitzsche’s soaring theme for Starman). At this point, Carpenter is a national treasure, both behind the camera and on stage. Don’t miss this release, and by all means catch him live if you can.

Buy John Carpenter: Anthology (Movie Themes 1974-1998) on Amazon

DC Collectibles The Bat-Signal Prop

DC Collectibles’ Bat-Signal prop won’t summon Christian Bale to your house for some gruff Batvoice antics, but it does project the bat logo on any surface located 7 to 10 feet away. The above video shows you the 12.75″ Bat-Signal in action, and with only 5,000 of these in existence, you’ll want to snatch one up before they disappear for ever. Comes with interchangable Bat insignias as seen in the Christopher Nolan films, the Knightfall storyline and the traditional comics logo. Holy merchandise Batman, this is amazingly cool!

Buy the DC Collectibles The Bat-Signal Prop on Amazon

DC Gallery: Superman vs the Flash Racing Statue

We’re not even gonna lie, our favorite part of Justice League was the post-credits scene in which Superman raced the Flash. It was a fantastic cinematic rendering of such an iconic comic book moment that it almost singlehandedly justified the existence of the DC movieverse. (Feel free to disagree, but this sequence made our hearts nearly explode out of our chests). That smile-inducing scene is still so fresh in our minds that we just had to include this statue recreating the race from DC Gallery. Sculpted in stunning detail by Alterton & Alejandro Pereira, the 10.4′ polyresin statue is limited to a 5,000-piece casting — so race to get yours and that way whomever wins you won’t lose!

Buy the DC Gallery: Superman vs. The Flash Racing Statue

Game of Thrones Night King Ice Cube Tray (Set of 3)

Holy crap these are terrifying. Probably more terrifying than the Night King himself (that jerk). We never knew this is something we wanted, as we’ve always hated seeing this guy’s ugly grimace on Game of Thrones, but it seems fitting to be able to drown his likeness in liquid. Make yourself a “proper Northern drink” with a decapitated Night King or two, as you start your journey into the Long Night.

Grab the Night King Ice Cube Tray Here!

Wonder Woman Bracelets with Lasso and Tiara Prop

Wonder Woman is having the best year of her life. She’s celebrating her 75th anniversary and was the focus of a hugely successful — and narratively satisfying — motion picture. And that’s not even getting into what an incredible role model she is. Her ever-growing fanbase can commemorate all of the wonder with this limited-edition display of her accessories, her bracelets, tiara and lasso, sculpted by Joe Menna, made out of metal, ABS, and resin, and limited to 5,000 pieces. We don’t need the lasso wrapped around us to tell you all just how much we covet this.

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Buy Wonder Woman Bracelets with Lasso and Tiara Prop on Amazon

DC Collectibles: The Joker and Harley Quinn Bookends

Give your bookshelves a mischevious makeover with this DC Collectibles bookend featuring The Joker, Harley Quinn, and Batman. (Books not included). This 8.85″ treasure was designed by Nooligan and sculpted by Paul Harding. Batman may be dealing with these two forever, but you won’t be — once the 5,000-piece run of this is sold out, it is gone forever.

Buy DC Collectibles: The Joker and Harley Quinn Bookends on Amazon

Watchmen: The Annotated Edition

Given the fact that Doomsday Clock is the hottest comic in the industry right now, it’s no surprise that interest in Watchmen has been reignited. Not that it has ever gone away. Since it’s release in 1986, readers have been captivated by its deconstruction of the superhero mythos and its comments on the human condition. Plus, it’s just awesome all around. DC’s latest hardcover repackaging of the tome is Watchmen: The Annotated Edition, a new version of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ masterpiece that features insights from Leslie S. Klinger that dive deeper into the story, the symoblism, and the characters that changed the world of comics forever.

Buy Watchmen: The Annotated Edition on Amazon

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Tree Ornament

It seems like a cruel joke to pluck Jon Snow from his post at the wall and leave him dangling, helplessly on your tree. We promise you won’t regret it, though! Add some Game of Thrones flavor to your tree with this ornament, and watch as thousands of White Walkers lay demise to what Jon Snow’s supposed to be protecting.

Buy the Jon Snow Ornament at the HBO Shop!

Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie (100 Postcards)

Star Wars would most likely exist if it were not for Ralph McQuarrie. The visionary artist’s paintings of otherworldly landscapes and characters helped sell the movie to investors when George Lucas was trying to get his space saga off the ground. 100 of McQuarrie’s greatest illustrations for the original film as well as The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi have been printed on postcards that are exclusively available in this sleek box set. However, Abrams ComicArts releases that you probably would rather display these than mail them, so the box itself acts as a frame that you can use to switch around the cards depending on your mood. A touch that is as brilliant as the man whose art is celebrated here.