Hamilton Movie Confirmed by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manual Miranda confirms they are still working on a Hamilton movie and he intends to play the title role again.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is certainly having a moment these days. Jetting between London and Hollywood, he is on the one hand preparing to star in Disney’s high-profile sequel, Mary Poppins Returns, and on the other is doing press for the Disney film whose music has netted him his first Oscar nomination: Moana. Perhaps well on his way to being a rare PEGOT winner (that’s Pulitzer, Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony), his schedule only keeps filling up. Yet, for many, he is still the voice of Alexander Hamilton in the zeitgeist-grabbing show named (what else?) Hamilton.

It’s a show that has garnered international acclaim, and for which he invested eight years of his life, writing the music, lyrics, and book, as well as starring as the titular Hamilton, the American Founding Father who was the country’s first Treasury Secretary and who, among many other things, established our national credit system. It was a hip hop musical that captured popular culture’s attention like few others, even after Miranda left the show in July 2016.

Yet, doesn’t appear done with it. While chatting with THR in a profile piece built around the Oscar campaign for the aforementioned Moana, Hamilton inevitably came up. And when it did, Miranda revealed that his In the Heights playwright collaborator, Quiara Alegría Hudes, has already turned in a draft for the script of a Hamilton movie. Further, Miranda seems pretty intent on playing the role again when the musical makes its big screen transition… eventually.

“I don’t think I’m done with that role, by any stretch,” Miranda said with apparent emphasis. “It’s just a meal of a role. In other shows, maybe you have a part where you get to fall in love, maybe you have a part where you get to fight in a gun duel, maybe you get a part where you get to have an affair, maybe you get a part where you lose a loved one and get to explore all that. In Hamilton, you do all of that! You do everything you do in life in two hours and 45 minutes. You live your fullest life. So that never gets old.”

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And the appetite to see him again in the role likely will not either.