Geeks Vs Loneliness: new year, and its resolutions

A few thoughts on promising to do new things for a new year...

If you’re playing by the new year resolution handbook, by now 85% of your promises for the 12 months ahead have long been dropped. Some may remain intact, and the very best to you for making it this far. But the turn of a year does tend to bring with it a list of intentions that don’t always pan out for too long. The old cliché of writing proverbial cheques that we can’t always cash.

Also: cheques! Remember them? Er, moving on.

What the turn of the year does afford, though, is the chance to change things, and to change things in a climate when people tend to be a little more open to the idea. After all, the start of a new year is when lots of people go looking for a new job, or take on aforementioned resolutions. Thus, if you’re looking to change something, now is as good a time as any.

One suggestion though, that may be of use: set yourself at least one goal that you have a good chance of achieving. Not something ridiculously simple, although help yourself to that too if you fancy it. Rather, something that stretches you just a little, that’s within grasping distance, but still requires you to do something to get it.

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It’s a simple psychological trick, sure, but it’s one that’s worked for many of us. Sometimes, achieving something, even if it’s something that on paper looks easy and simple, can be beneficial. It can fuel confidence, it can unlock whatever the next thing is. In fact, it goes back in spirit to an ethos that the late, great Terry Pratchett spoke of (and we’ve quoted him on this lots of times, and intend to do so lots of times again): that if you want to overcome an unsolvable big problem, break it into lots of solvable little ones.

Thus, if your new year’s ambition is to lose three stone, how about doing a half way goal? How about your initial resolution is to do a ten minute walk every day? If you want to write a book, how about trying 200 words a day? Or 1000 words a week? Maybe you’re looking to come back from a very dark place. If so, why not set one special treat: you maybe go out for breakfast once a week? Or make sure you make your bed every day?

The human mind is an odd thing, and we’re fully aware you don’t need us to tell you that. But it is trickable, and it is possible to kickstart it. Sometimes, it can take the smallest thing to do.

Hopefully, 2018 is a good year for you. Come rain or shine, we’ll be keeping Geeks Vs Loneliness going to try and help us all get through it. Come what may…!