Geeks Vs Loneliness: a few links to try

Mental health articles from the likes of Digital Spy, Accountancy Age and Horse & Hound (genuinely) that are well worth a click...

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, hosted by the Mental Health Foundation. Regular readers of our site – thank you! – may already be aware that mental health is a big thing for us, and something we try and address each week on the site through this very column. But what’s been lovely this week is seeing lots and lots of outlets using this week of awareness to talk about matters of mental health, and stories around it.

Because mental health can affect anyone, without any discrimination or care for who you are and what your background is. As such, we wanted to use this slot this week to highlight just some of the articles we’ve found on our travels, from friends, sites we don’t often get a chance to see, and mortal enemies (just kidding)…

What The Sopranos taught me about Mental Health (Digital Spy – who has been running an excellent series of articles all week)

The benefits of running to wellbeing (BBC Sport)

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The dos and don’ts of discussing mental health (NME)

Misconceptions about depression (Evening Standard)

Accountancy Age (we’ve not linked to them before!) has a list of ideas and resources

How schools can help with Mental Health Awareness Week (Times Educational Supplement)

Sky has been running articles all week. Here’s just one of them, about a 19-year old man who found his way back after attempting suicide.

Reducing stress in the workplace (ITV)

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Horse & Hound on how we need to look after each other like we do with horses. Again, we’ve not linked to Horse & Hound magazine before, but we hope this is the start of a very special friendship.

Not all of these apply to everyone, but each is very much worthy of existence if they even nudge at just changing someone’s lives for the better. Also: even what appears to be the tiniest mental health problem matters. You don’t have to be at the end of your tether to ask for help. If you’re at the start of it, and can see that, then please look for help and support.

Chums, you all stay brilliant. Let’s have a group hug. And we’ll be back with more next week.